Writing Services Package 1


Whether you need content for your blog or an article, or something else, I can provide you with the content you need. This package is tailored to you and your needs.

Brand voice/tone, audience personas, and key branding messing turn your blog or article into must-read content.

Get clear content for your blog in mere days, not weeks or months.

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Create a plan to build, promote and grow.


I’m here to help you get everything out of your head and onto the page, just as you envisioned.


What if there was a way to organize all those thoughts and ideas you have about your blog or business so you could reach your target audience with ease, without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated?


What would it feel like if you had your own blueprint outlining your unique voice, personality, and ideal audience?


What if, instead of guessing about what to say and write, your content mapped out according to problems, wants, and needs on an emotional level?


Would you grab it with both hands? 


Your Audience craves content they know will help them, provide them value and make them feel seen. 


Knowing how to position your blog/business confidently puts you on the fast track to becoming memorable and makes it easy for the right people to seek out your services and products.

Write it with authority and value, and they will flock to you!

Let’s build that bridge to connect you with your ideal audience and inspires them to act.

Gain clarity to market your blog, business, services, and products.

+ Understand your audience’s problems, wants, and needs on a personal/emotional level

+ Position yourself and your services as valuable and authoritative voices.

+ Faith the “empathy” that will make your target audience feel like you are speaking directly to them.

+Articulate your brand story in a way that will connect with your audience.

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Writing isn’t for anyone. Sure anyone can write, but who has the time?

Go ahead and get ready to make a real impact with your audience by hiring a freelance article writer who can get your message out, so you don’t have to, saving you both time and money!

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Planning session and Kick off

Each project will be comprehensively briefed by myself and the key contact, once the paperwork is agreed upon and signed off I’ll begin researching.
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Researching and Outlining

At this time you’ll have provided all the supporting material you feel I should have. I’ll conduct research to gain an overall feel of your brand, voice/tone, and your target audience.
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The Writing Begins

Here is where the magic starts. I will work on your original content to match the creative brief we developed together.   Once the first draft is finished it will be sent for your review. Should you approve, we will move forward to the final draft.
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Client Happiness (AKA Delivery Day)

Your content is now ready for you to use to demonstrate your authority. Start using your new content by promoting it all over your social media platforms.

I’m so excited to work with you!


Writing Service Package 1

A completely personalized plan for your article that will get your message across, reaching your target audience.

Working with me, a creative freelance writer is like having a staff writer. As we work together to create a plan, I’ll help you by doing the research, outlining, and of course the writing.


What’s included:

01. Getting to know you!

  • Client Intake
  • 30-90 minute Strategy Session via Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • Creative Brief for your unique project.

02. Research and Outline

  • Audience research
  • Ideal Audience Persona
  • Problems you want to solve
  • Outline of your content

03. Writing Content

  • Brand Language
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Brand Personality
  • Standard length 600-1000 words
  • 2 free rounds of rewrites

Amazing Things are Headed Your Way!


Get the content you and your audience deserve.

Ever get stuck looking at your computer screen watching the cursor blink back at you, all the while you’re wishing the words would just jump out of your head and fill up the blank page? Or perhaps you like pen and paper, but the pen won’t move or worse your phone won’t stop ringing, emails are glaring at you and social media is just too distracting. My goal is to help you get your story out and give you the opportunity to attract your dream audience.

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I’ll write your copy for your blog/website with your ideal audience in mind.

I’ll create content that inspires your audience and reinforces your expertise.

I’ll tell your story will help convert your audience.

You’re Prime to reach your audience if…..


  • You’re launching or relaunching your blog
  • You’re scratching your head trying to write your own copy
  • You’re too busy
  • You’re adding new services or products to your lineup
  • You’ve outgrown your current messaging and need to freshen things up
  • You want to stay ahead of the competition
christina q writes
christina q writes
My computer, favorite pens, and favorite writing music are waiting for you!

You’re days from your new content.


Let’s start with a free consultation to discover what your content needs and personality that resonates with your target audience and craft the sparkling messaging that will drive your audience to read, buy and subscribe.

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