Ditch the itinerary and get exploring.


As a little girl, I used to dream about faraway places. I would wonder what they would be like, and if I would fit in once I was there. 

But as I grew older, and anxiety and life kicked in Traveling became somewhat of a daydream.

” Travel is for those who are brave “

Then one day I got on a plane and found myself in Germany. The furthest I had ever been, outside of the US. It was here I learned the true art of exploring. Not just traveling and seeing all the sights and sounds that everyone talks about, but immersing myself into the environment and being a tourist on my own terms.

Of course, I’ll take pictures, but there are rules to this. (I know I said I was exploring. But with pictures you capture something once, but do you experience it? 

Follow me as I show you the gentle art of slowly living your life on your terms, the French way, and exploring a more enjoyable way. 

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In Search of a Spring Adventure

In Search of a Spring Adventure

Spring has sprung.  And many of us are in need of a spring adventure. Or a road trip, mini-vacation, stay-cation, or something to help us shake off Winter. It’s time for other things, such as refreshing your mind, body, and soul.  Here are some wonderful choices for...

Exploring Germany: Rothenburg ob de Tauber

Exploring Germany: Rothenburg ob de Tauber

Explore in Rothenberg: The first time I thought about exploring Germany was when my brother-in-law and his family were stationed there. At first, I thought it was this far-off place that required taking a plane and I was too anxious for that. But then I read this book...

Secret Paris You Need to See

Secret Paris You Need to See

Growing up in the States I was raised to be weary of alleyways. My mother was not the one who enforced this.  Even now, living in France, I am still nervous about entering alleyways. But when I do muster up the courage to wander through an alley I am pleasantly...

Marais/ Crêpes

Marais/ Crêpes

On a particularly cold and wet day in Paris, my husband said to me that he wanted to see the real Europe. At the time we lived in the 15th arrondissement, but to him, it was nothing to what we had experienced in person and the movies.  So, we hopped on the metro and...

My mother said I wouldn’t like Paris

My mother said I wouldn’t like Paris

When I was a little girl my mother vividly told me of her time in Paris-a city that, in her opinion seemed more like a chaotic nightmare than the romantic haven others have portrayed. She despised the crowds, the bustling streets, and the determined taxi drivers,...

My first French Love: Chartres

My first French Love: Chartres

I was sitting in my French language class in high school flipping through the textbook and finding myself captivated by the small towns depicted, each one seemed a world away from the United States.  Each house exuded a unique sense of comfort and coziness, and was...

Visiting places

where do you wanna go

When it comes to traveling do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Where do  I wanna go?” And do you find that you say the same thing that everyone else says?

Sure it’s great to have favorite places to go, if you really find joy there. But if you just go somewhere only because everyone else does, that may not bring you joy.

Traveling should be a personal adventure. You should travel to places that give you that spark of life I know you’re looking for.

While my journey takes me through Europe, you can apply my tips for exploring anywhere. I have traveled throughout the US, and I can tell you I would explore the very same way.


Which, in my opinion, makes travel so much better.

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