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In the past, the idea of exploring a city was both intoxicating and frightening. But as I’ve gotten used to exploring unfamiliar places, I’ve discovered something I could have never imagined. 

What was it? 



Secret Paris You Need to See

Secret Paris You Need to See

Growing up in the States I was raised to be weary of alleyways. My mother was not the one who enforced this.  Even now, living in France, I am still nervous about entering alleyways. But when I do muster up the courage to wander through an alley I am pleasantly...

the sense of adventure

I’ve been to several states, towns, cities, and villages, but I can only account for a few. Why? Because I didn’t take the time to experience them. 

I can still smell the scent of fennel (licorice) in the air. A bit sweet and a bit savory. Mixed in with that is the pungent (in a good way) fragrance of mulled wine and hot chocolate. 

The air is crisp, it feels as though it wants to snow. But it only rains. What would be looked at as a wet and cold nasty day, turned out to be one of the best days of my life. 

I was visiting the sweet town of Köln (Cologne), and in that one day, I knew that there was nothing like putting down the camera and feeling my way through the town. 

Enjoy the moment, and realize that life is about experiencing with your eyes not through a lens. 


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Hello there!

Feel like a princess in faraway places. Soak up the culture and allow adventure to be your guide.

Those words bring me such anxiety.

But, I’ve learned to manage that feeling and be gentle with myself. Hello there, I’m Christina.

The girl who has a (un)healthy obsession with Versailles. 

I love all things literature, history, and cozy. As a homebody, there is nothing more romantic than getting tucked in on the couch with my favorite blanket and book. 

Settled in the grassy hills of Normandy, I am embarking on the best chapter of my life. I’m learning how to garden, relearning how to sew, and embracing my roots 

If I’ve learned anything from moving to Europe (in the middle of the pandemic) is you have to take life by the horns.


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snow in paris

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