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From the northernest part of France to where ever the wind takes us. There is so much to explore. 

Up and down the country

From the enchanting streets of Paris to the sun-kissed vineyards of Bordeaux, experience the diverse landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and timeless charm that define this iconic destination. Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Louvre, wander through the romantic gardens of Versailles, and savor France.

Culinary Adventures

Let’s taste our way through France. From the vineyards to the seafood, I’m celebrating the art of cooking, dining and of course, eating in France.

Trains, cars and bikes?

It’s easy to get around France. In most places, it’s easier to take public transportation or bikes.  Discover how you can get around France without the stress of getting stuck in a small alley. (Has happened to me)

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Marais/ Crêpes

Marais/ Crêpes

On a particularly cold and wet day in Paris, my husband said to me that he wanted to see the real...

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I’m Christina


I’m Christina, a lover of all things literary, historical, and cozy. Settled in the picturesque grassy countryside of Normandy France, I embarked on a new chapter in the middle of the pandemic, because if COVID-19 taught us anything it’s that life is short and we should go after our dreams….


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Secret Paris You Need to See

Secret Paris You Need to See

Growing up in the States I was raised to be weary of alleyways. My mother was not the one who enforced this.  Even now, living in France, I am still nervous about entering alleyways. But when I do muster up the courage to wander through an alley I am pleasantly...

Savory Crêpe Recipe: Buckwheat and cheese

Savory Crêpe Recipe: Buckwheat and cheese

Savory Crêpes is not something you hear on the regular in the States. Especially if you're an iHop fan. Most of the crêpes you see at iHop are covered in sweet sauces, fruit and pie fillings, and of course whipped cream. While sweet crêpes have their place in society,...

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