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Marais/ Crêpes

Marais/ Crêpes

On a particularly cold and wet day in Paris, my husband said to me that he wanted to see the real...

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I’m Christina, a lover of all things literary, historical, and cozy. Settled in the picturesque grassy countryside of Normandy France, I embarked on a new chapter in the middle of the pandemic, because if COVID-19 taught us anything it’s that life is short and we should go after our dreams….


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A Look Back on My Year of Gardening

A Look Back on My Year of Gardening

Hello Friends. I’m here today to talk about my gardening. The one I’ve been tackling now for over a year. It has been a wild ride, one that brought many tears. Some thorns literally in my side, blood and so much more than sweat. Is there such a thing?  When I began...

In Search of a Spring Adventure

In Search of a Spring Adventure

Spring has sprung.  And many of us are in need of a spring adventure. Or a road trip, mini-vacation, stay-cation, or something to help us shake off Winter. It’s time for other things, such as refreshing your mind, body, and soul.  Here are some wonderful choices for...

What April Fool’s Day is Like in France

What April Fool’s Day is Like in France

April Fools is a nonholiday that many of us enjoy, mainly because we like playing silly pranks on each other. Or if you’re like me and you have interesting people in your life, they like to scare the living daylights out of you.    In France, children follow the...