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Be confident about hooking your reader to stay on your site and keeping them there finding the solutions they’ve been looking for.


Sadly, website vistors will only read 20% of the content on your page—so how do you get them to stay on your site? 

Audiences that come to a website are there because they are looking for a solution.  Audiences will scan and skim through out a page just to find what they are looking for, which means that you have to have content that beckons attention and holds that attention-FAST.  

The Homepage Copy helps you create a homepage that is not only visual stunning, but also allows your lookie-loo to quickly identify the information they are looking for and ultmatly keep reading…

…And continue reading they will, because these your homepage is offering what they are needing.

You’ve skimmed this far, and you’re probably excited! Keep doing your happy dance becuase,

Here’s what you’re looking for:


  • personalized wireframe to help you get your homepage aligned with your brand
  • analysis of your homepage, about page and main service page
  • One-on-one meeting to map out what you need
  • Clear and engaging new copy for your homepage that will have your audiences wondering why they’ve not done this sooner
  • On-on-one support to help you with your new homepage
wireframe-copywriting homepage
homepage copywriting by christina q. writes
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