In-Demand Freelance Skills

In-Demand Freelance Skills

In my previous post, How to Start Freelancing in 9 Easy Steps, I talked explained the essential step to creating your freelance business, which will ensure you succeed at freelancing. In this post, I’m going to talk about the skills that will help you create content that will help you to stand out.


Being able to write isn’t the only skill you need as any freelancer.


 For instance, if you’re a photographer, taking lovely pictures isn’t the only skill you need, nor is being able to add numbers if you’re an accountant.


I think you get the point, you need a well of skills.


In a study performed by PayPal, those who have skills in web design are in demand 36%, making this the most in-demand freelancing skill. 31% for programmers, graphic design and illustrating 30%, marketing and sales 24%.


Since the pandemic, freelancing has been on the rise. In the United States alone, 36% are now freelancing full-time, increasing by 8% since 2019.


This means that the more in-demand freelance skills you have, the better value you offer.


Side note: Aside from having amazing skills in developing or photography or whatever, you should have strong communication skills.


As an introvert, I know how difficult that seems. Especially when you don’t like meeting new people.


I’ve met a lot of developers that are more comfortable with code than with people. But trust me, you want to work on communication! 

in demand freelance skills

Which skills are in demand for freelancing?

It does not matter what kind of freelancer you want to be the in-demand freelance skills are pretty much the same.

Those skills include:

  • -communication skills,
  • -working with and relating to others
  • -problem-solving
  • -some IT skills
  • -data analysis
  • -Basic knowledge of Math


However, the main most requested demand freelance skills one should possess in order to succeed at freelancing include:

-Motivation and discipline


-strong grasp of your freelance knowledge

-SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

To name a few, more are listed in the picture below. 

in-demand freelance skills

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How to Improve your Skills


Consider where you want to be as a freelancer.


If you want to make 80,000 a year, then determine what it is you need to do to achieve this goal.


For example, I learned how to implement SEO techniques and became certified. In the beginning, I learned about SEO to get myself noticed online.


But as I continued to learn more, I realized knowing how to implement SEO techniques is an amazing skill to have and, therefore, should be a part of my services.


Audit yourself and understand where you lack skills.

Find what you could do to either strengthen the skills you already have or which ones you can build upon.


For instance, if you’re a developer, you may know all you need to know about the back end, but perhaps React isn’t something you are familiar with, but there are a lot of companies that need help using it.

freelance courses

Keep learning and enroll in courses.

Just as I did with SEO, you can learn a new skill.


There are plenty of masterclasses, workshops, and courses that can help you build those skills.


The best part of online classes/courses is they are online.


Dedicate time to learning or perfecting your skills, and just like SEO, over time, you’ll see the benefits.



When you have reassessed your skills be sure to alter your prices. Check out my post on Charging what you’re worth to help figure out what your new rates should be.

Freelancing in 9 easy stesp

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Freelance Courses

Depending on your budget and the skills you want to improve, the resources for you to develop your freelance skills are infinite. 

Here are a few places to help you get started. 


Udemy Courses

This is one of the best places where you can learn new skills and improve the ones you already have.


You can choose from many courses at any level in every niche you can think of. Just be sure to choose the courses that have a high ranking and a solid number of students. 


As with any product or program, read the reviews to get an idea if the class you choose is worth the money. 



This is a unique type of “online” school. Coursera collects courses organized by universities around the world. This means the content is of high quality.


Many of the courses will provide you with a valid certificate that you can list on your resume or website. 


Coursera is a bit of an investment, so think about the budget before charging that card.


Luckily you can sign up to get a seven-day trial period after that, you will have to sign up for a subscription.

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Final Thoughts


Regardless of what kind of freelancing you decide to venture towards, one thing is certain you need skills.


Remember most of the skills you need you might already have, but maybe you need to fine-tune them or build upon them.


If you’re wanting to learn something new, like photoshop for your freelance photography business, do it.


Or maybe you’re a freelancer who has no clue about SEO, but you know you need it, AKA me, and so you learn what you can and become certified.

Thus adding a new service!


I know it may seem daunting, but trust me learning new skills is incredibly beneficial for you and your business.


Not only will you stay ahead of the competition, but you’ll increase your value as well. 


Happy Writing!

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