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Clarify your message and reach your target audience

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Ready to create powerful copy that resonates with your audience?

Copycademy is the complete copywriting course for service-based solopreneurs who want to write or rewrite your website copy using actual strategies that work.

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Create nurturing and engaging relationships with your community! 

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Email Sequence


Copycademy Courses-

copycademy copywriting basics with 1:1 workshop

Copycademy Mini-Course

Unleash your inner Copywriter!


Wondering how to take your basic content and turn it into elevated copy that converts? You’re in good hands, friend. Sign up for my 100% free mini-course on copywriting fundamentals. And get ready to unleash your inner copywriter!

copycademy copywriting basics with 1:1 workshop

Copycademy Module 1

Copywriting Fundamentals w/1:1 workshops

$50-Introducing Copycademy Module 1- Copywriting Fundamentals, the ultimate guide to mastering copywriting basics. With this comprehensive course, you’ll discover the secrets to crafting captivating Headlines,  Call to Action, and Features vs. Benefits.

What sets this course apart is the inclusion of 1:1 workshops with me, your instructor. During these personalized sessions, you’ll receive invaluable feedback and guidance tailored specifically to your writing style and goals.

With hands-on coaching, you’ll refine your skills and accelerate your progress, ensuring you master copywriting fundamentals.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your copywriting prowess. Enroll in Copycademy Copywriting Fundamentals today and unleash your potential to craft captivating content that drives results.

Ready to take your writing to the next level? Join us now and discover the power of words!

copycademy copywriting basics with 1:1 workshop

Copycademy Full Course

$1500-limited time soft launch sale 50% off to the first 10 sign-ups Sign up and save!

Unlock the secrets of effective copywriting with essential tips. With this course, you’ll gain insight into psychology-infused copywriting, creating your own website pages, email marketing, and much more. You’ll learn how to demonstrate benefits and features without sounding like a sweaty salesperson.

With hands-on coaching, 1:1 support and feedback, Facebook group for discussion questions, you’ll gain valuable skills and accelerate your progress in mastering copywriting at your own pace. 

This course is not for the faint of heart; we will dive deep into difficult topics, techniques, and activities. Unlike other courses, you’ll actually have homework to test out your new skills. As your teacher, I’ll show you what you’ve done right and, if necessary, how you can improve. 

Ready to get started creating the copy your business needs? Join me but hurry seating is limited! 

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Ready to get to know your audience? 

Who doesn’t love a survey?

Get to know your audience in a fun and creative way with surveys.

Use what you learn to help you build your subscribers and extend your target audience reach.

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