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Your website copy is essential. You spend hours or months, depending on your process, coming up with new content. Perhpas you read a load of books discovering what you should be doing as a copywriter.

Spending that amount of time and energy on creating content that draws your audience in should also keep your audience on your site.

One of the best pieces of advice I can across was from a podcast called The Paid Copywriter Podcast.

In this episode, the host made some profound suggestions.

One of them that struck me was, STOP reading copywriting books and pick up a sales/marketing book.

Book one, “The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

You know what, I discovered?  She was so right.

As I am sure you’re aware, understanding and learning all about the inter-workings and thought processes of your audience isn’t easy.

On top of that, you need to figure out a bit of psychology.

Which is essential copywriting, I mean marketing. 😀

Ok, let’s back up for a moment and assume you’ve already written your website copy.

Let’s say that it has been a while since you’ve even looked at your homepage.

That is a clear sign that you should update your web content but you should also look into auditing your content. (That is for another blog post)

So, to the point, your website copywriting has to be irresistible. You need to keep visitors there long enough to want to take some kind of action.

Ready to do just that?

Here are a few tips to update your website copy. (and a handy checklist for your reference.) 😉

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Your content

Everything starts with your content. It is incredibly important to have certain elements within your website copy to help you stand above the rest.

For instance, your headlines should be powerful, they should lure people in.

You’ve created a lead or written amazing content that increases your engagement on social media, finally attracting audiences to your website, why would you want them to not spend time there?

If your website copy is catchy then audiences will more than likely keep scrolling.

Keep your copy simple, short, and sweet.

Read how you can elevate your writing with these tips! 

Remember that saying less is more? Chanel is famous for saying, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Well, this is the same principle for webpage copy.



Highlight the Benefits of your products/services over features

Look, here is the hard truth.

Your ideal customer doesn’t want to be boggled down with details that go on and on.

Believe it or not the reader/visitor wants you to get to the point. And of course, they want to know how it is going to help them.

What are the awesome benefits only you can provide them? Can they get it from your competitors? If so, how is your service so much better?

This step is going to require a bit of research on your part. As you did when you first began you’re gonna want to take a look at what the competition is doing, and you want to see how you can do it better.

Find out what strategies both with marketing and content are working for them, and try to incorporate that into your strategies-but better.


Use the voice of your customer

Talk directly to your customer.

Try to use the same language as your target audience would. This method is encouraged because it gives the audience the impression that you are paying attention to them. 

Use your customer personas with your audience surveys, which you can get here to help you discover their voice. 

Using your customer’s voices makes them feel as though they are being seen.

You are focused on them, and their problems.

Audiences/readers/customers, etc want to feel as though their buying experience is personalized and targets their unique needs.

Another bonus of using the audience’s voice is you are showing them that you understand their problems.


Talk to your audience

See what has changed in their lives, how have their lives get better with your services, or have their problems have gotten sores because they haven’t used your services.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience shows not only that you authentically care about their needs, but you want to continue to help them out.



Get honest!

Tell the truth.

Lay down the gauntlet and show the customers what it is they are most afraid of.

Remember to use easily digestible statistics and visuals to really drive your point home, and to build authority.

The reason for easily digestible statistics?

Remember when you were in science class and the teacher started talking about “balancing atoms” and you were looking at the teacher with a glazed look in your eyes and possibly daydreaming about what will happen on the next episode of Friends?

Well, just like how that lesson flew over your head so does a complicated over-dosed with globs of information with your audience.

As you use facts and statistics be sure not to go overboard. Your goal is to highlight the benefits of your business and how you can create a better solution for your clients than the competition.

Testimonials would be great to use here as well. Customers love seeing others just like them who have benefitted from services. (especially the one they are looking at, yours)

Allow them to see the real people, whose lives have been made better all because of your brand. 



The most important details are at the top!

Keep in mind that most of your audience is either skimming or not reading what you have on your site.

And that is ok.

Breaking up your content into short digestible pieces, getting the most important information out right away.

Attention spans are short. Remember Chemistry class? 

Well, much like your audience they may read a bit here and there until they find something interesting. 

At that point, your copy had better hold on to them.

That is what your copy is meant to do, provide the beneficial information upfront, and tell them how it will enhance their lives.



Download your Free Website Copywriting Checklist

Use this checklist if you want to keep your visitors reading and connecting with you and your brand. 

2. Understand how you can make them feel good about resolving or fixing their issues. Good American is incredibly successful at making you feel good about your purchase.

Their brilliant “Fits Everybody” Jeans make you feel as though your $100 plus dollars were worth it because regardless of what is going on in your life, your jeans will always fit.

3. Put the “AMAZING” feature front and center. The feature that they all NEED to know. Call attention to it, highlight it.

Like Good American, again, they are letting you know stress, water weight, or whatever will not affect how your jeans fit.

    Final Thoughts


    Creating a good marketing campaign for your content, product, service, or something else can be easy if you have a plan. 

    Focus on the important benefits that you offer. They cannot be overemphasized, especially in today’s complex market. You’ll gain advantages over the competition as you build relationships and authority. 

    Know the benefits and features of what you’re offering inside and out; trust me, it is critical for anyone with an online business. 

    Remember that benefits are the emotions and experiences each customer enjoys from using a product or service. 

    Each purchase is emotionally driven, which is exactly why benefits have to be stated first. The benefits draw customers in by speaking to their needs. 

    As you write your copy, always ask yourself, “What will the customer get out of this?” 






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