Spec Ad-Email Campaign Expedia

Spec Ad-Email Campaign Expedia

Spec Ad Email Campaign Project

Email Expedia Summer Waits for No One Event

Subject: Expedia-Summer Waits For No One Event

Hey Traveler,

So, I hear you’re ready to get back into the traveling game.


You want to discover the world again, but you want to be safe about it and assured you will not lose out on airline tickets and other bookings….right? 

At Expedia, we understand booking is an unpredictable commitment to make in these times.

We’ve got you covered…

…This summer, you should explore to your heart’s content without worry! This summer is about discovering the world again; book right here with our special Summer Waits for No One Event and receive 15% off your booking. (oh, and complimentary travel insurance in case your booking is canceled due to COVID)

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not!

👉 Come check it out for yourself right here!
Be sure to use the code Summeradventures22 upon checkout for your 15% discount! (and complimentary travel insurance)

Travel your way!

Spec-Landing Page

Spec-Landing Page

Spec Landing Page

I created this landing page as an example of how I can improve your landing page.



Aim of Page: 

Stand out from competitors and create more leads.


Audience targeted: 

Women who are concerned with safe/clean beauty.


Main benefits:  

Inform customers of the flash sale. Clients are getting a great deal while still being conscious of clean beauty.

christina q writes

Sped Ad-Brochure

Sped Ad-Brochure

Spec Ad-Brochure

The Brief


In this brochure, I created a marketing plan to promote mental health support business.


Main aims


To build awareness about the new business in the Seattle area. To also provide information to customers about the 50% sale for clients.

christina q writes
christina q writes

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