Why Most Business Owners Fail at Creating Content

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Small business creation is an exciting venture, but there are many things a business owner must do before opening the doors. Many of those tasks are administrative.

You decided to go into business for yourself because you wanted the freedom or have a passion for whatever you are selling.

The problem many business owners have is not knowing how to articulate why the services or products created are something potential customers should consider.

Creating a compelling message is not easy, which is why getting a great copywriter is essential for any business, even a small business.

Business often ignores their story

Over the years, marketing has become more personal, more human. One of the ways marketing has become personal is by creating a connection. Sure, in the past, people would connect to the mother’s long-distance calling commercials; we all related to the emotion of a child calling on Mother’s Day even though they were stationed in another country.

As people, we have all feelings and emotional memories we hold close. When you share common pain with your audience, you build a connection.

This is something businesses will often ignore. Origins or explaining why you got into the company you chose is important to potential clients.

For example, my story begins with being harassed and bullied at work. I reached a devastating low, and I created my copywriting business to help pull myself up.

In doing so, I remembered how much I loved writing, sharing, and helping others. My mission is to help others get their messages out, helping the world be a better place because of its product or service.

Creating a connection establishes brand awareness and loyalty, creating audience/customer loyalty for your business.

What do businesses do wrong with their content?

Coming up with content can be surprisingly tricky. Content creators have to consider many variables, making it easy for business owners to get things wrong.

According to Semrush, 51% of teams find creating content that generates quality leads is difficult. Another 47% of teams feel that creating content that attracts clients is difficult.

Here are some examples of what businesses do wrong with their content.

  1. Not creating a blog.

A blog can be a potent tool in drawing new and existing clients. Not only is it a blog where you can highlight all the beautiful things your brand has to offer, but you also get to connect with your audience.

A bonus is that a blog is a great way to highlight, showcase, and even educate your audience on using or making them aware of your services or products.

Many businesses undervalue a blog or find they are not getting enough return and therefore discover no reason to continue having a blog. Again, several reasons why a blog could fail, but there are several fixes.

  1. Over-explain or saturate the content.

As a business owner, you are passionate and dedicated to your service or product and love to talk about what you offer. However, business owners do not know how to simplify their message.

Or the content created doesn’t align with the business’s brand or marketing strategy. When the message you create doesn’t align, two things could happen: the customer becomes confused or does not understand what you are providing.

  1. You’re not trying to build your lists or email sign-ups

A call to action is giving your audience a direction by providing them with something that can help with their wants or needs or solve whatever pains them.

Let’s say you are selling blankets. Your idea client may have lost all of their blankets for whatever reason.

By providing clients such as this with a discount for signing up to your email list, you are helping solve their issues and building brand loyalty with clients like this.

  1. Content is not for all buyers; new and established.

When you take the time to create content, you want to write content that will appeal to all of your idea audiences/clients.

You exclude them by only directing your message towards new or established clients/audiences.

This will affect your business in some way, either by affecting your marketing goals or your content strategy.

First of all, you don’t need to panic if you make these mistakes. There are simple changes you can make to create better content.

A significant component to creating better content is understanding and setting particular goals that you want to accomplish. For example, you might want to draw customers in with your new product and would like to attract customers between 17-25.

Aligning your messages with these goals will help you relate your message. You will also understand how to get the word out about your content and your new product in doing your research.

Make sure you align these content goals with your marketing goals!

These are just a few examples of why businesses fail at creating content that works. Remember, it isn’t you or your lack of commitment to your business.

Creating content isn’t easy, and often it is cheap to hire a quality copywriter than it is to learn from a mistake.


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June 10, 2022

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