Writing Service 1


  • -Blog posts
  • -Articles for websites
  • -other small content needs

Writing Service package tailored to your content needs with SEO in mind! Articles, blog posts, and other content in this package are between 600-1000 words. Written for easy reading and delivered directly to your Google Drive or DropBox on our agreed due date.


Writing Service 1

Do you wish you had more time to focus on other things than writing another blog post, website copy or other content projects? Have you ever wondered about what it would be like if someone else did the research, drafting and posting of your articles? (With SEO in mind?)

Perhaps you have in the past but you didn’t know where to start, or even who to trust.  Maybe you ‘re were just overwhelmed by the whole thing, and you think you’ll post when you have the time, or you’ll post whatever.

Or worse, you’ll give up!

You are not the only one to struggle with content.

‘Cuz the truth is, you could have the best content on the internet but if your content strategy isn’t developed or isn’t organized with an editorial calendar you many never reach your goals. Which means your goals for increasing traffic, building your subscriber list, or increasing sales will not be met.

If you are a small online business, or even a brick and morter with a website, or blogger you need a solid content strategy, to reach your target audience. 

I can help you with this!

Why you should have good content?

Google looks not only at your authority but also you value. If you’re writing just to write you are not putting out valuable content. Same as if you are posting content with spelling errors or poorly structured sentences. In order for you to ensure your SEO efforts and your content strategy are being acknowledged by google and resinating with your audience, you need good content.

How can I help you?

Have you gotten frustrated with the way your traffic has gone? Or has it been immediately apparent that the type of content you’re producing isn’t reaching your ideal audience or perhaps it doesn’t match your brand. Maybe you realised you don’t have the time or energy to focus on your content.

I am here to help you! With this Writing Package I’ll show you how to audit your content, create a keyword map, research your audience and where they spend the most time. Come up with new and exciting topics and understand why posting just to post is sabotaging your efforts.

My process will breathe new life into your blog, or business. Not only will the posts improve your SEO, but the content I provide will set you up to serve your audience the way you’ve always dreamed.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


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