SEO Website Audit


Using data from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, I’ll perform a website audit checking your data to better understand what you need to improve your website.

You’ll get an SEO Content brief full of recommendations you can start implementing right away. With this report, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your visitors are interacting with your website, who your audience is, what is driving traffic to your site and from where, and what you can do to boost performance. you’ll also get an understanding of what you aren’t taking full advantage of when it comes to SEO.

Don’t have time to implement the changes? I’ll work with your team and your website for a full year to help you get the boosts you deserve. (Not included-special add on)



Website Audit

Have you ever had a website audit? Have you ever wondered about your SEO rankings?

Perhaps you have in the past but your rankings remained unchanged. Maybe you didn’t understand the data, or you thought if you did it once you didn’t need to do another audit. Or maybe you were just overwhelmed by the whole thing, so you gave up.

You are not the only one to struggle with SEO.

‘Cuz the truth is, you could have the best content on the internet but if your SEO strategy isn’t developed or  isn’t regularly attended you many never reach your audience. Which means your goals for increasing traffic, building your subscriber list, or increasing sales will not be met.

If you are a small online business, or even a brick and morter with a website, or blogger with valuable content, an SEO plan is the go-to tool for reaching your target audience. 

I can help you with this!

Why you should have your site audited.

Search engine optimization audit to understand what factors influence your website’s performance on SERPs. I’ll take a look at factors such as your site’s current SEO practices, content, link profile, structured date, your website site’s speed, and security. (HTTPS).

What is analyzed?

  • keywords
  • content
  • images and videos
  • redirections
  • outbound and inbound links
  • internal linking
  • user experience
  • website speed
  • indexation
  • and more…

SEO Audit Brief

The detailed brief will guide you through the data of your website, highlighting what is working and what isn’t for your SEO ranking. You’ll gain insight into your customers, audience, and competitors, all essentials you need to get a higher ranking on Google.

How can I help you?

Have you gotten frustrated with the way your traffic has gone? Or has it been immediately apparent that you’ve gotten lost among the white noise on the internet? Yeah, it is time to get you noticed. With the SEO Audit brief I’ll show you how to not only get in front of your audience but I’ll also provide you with a plan to maintain your SEO strategy.

You’ll become confident with the content on your website, and the blog posts you produce. You will connect better with your audience by letting your authentic personality shine through your copy.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!



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