Online Business Starter Kit


  • Business Step by Step Guide
  • Branding Workbook
  • Copywriting Guidebook
  • Copywriting Checklist
  • SMART Goals


Online Business Starter Kit-

Three years ago, I was sitting at my desk crying as silently as I could so no one would notice, wondering if this was all my life would be.

That may have been three years ago, but it still feels like yesterday.

I was working at my day job feeling frustrated and defeated working long hours at a job where I was not respected or valued. For years (felt like decades) I wanted to do something creative, and have the freedom to be where I wanted when I wanted.

The problem? I had no idea where to start or how to do anything besides what I was doing. But when I left that job, it was the beginning of my life’s work.

Can you relate? Sound familiar?

You may not be sitting at a job you hat but you know deep down that it isn’t what you’re meant to do or the best way for you to impact the world.

So here you are, feeling the passion to start your own online business or create a profitable blog and I URGE you to stick with it. Even if you haven’t achieved the success you’ve hoped for.

It is possible! Even with…

  • kids
  • small budge
  • fear that things may not work out
  • imposter syndrom

This is why I am passionate about creating this online business starter kit to help you create the online business you have envisioned.

Why you need this.

You’ll benefit from this online business starter kit if you have a business in which you want to succeed. One that persuades, has a clear message, and converts.

If you haven’t established your brand and need a clear personality of your business. Set the tone and voice.

If you have no idea what goals you should be setting or what steps you should complete before launching.

You’re not a copywriter, but you know you need some copywriting on your website and marketing strategies

What’s included:

Templates and workbooks:

  • copywriting guidebook
  • business step by step
  • SMART goals template
  • Branding Workbook
  • Copywriting checklist

Now get started!


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