Creative Brief


  • Word document ready to be used and adjusted to your brand
  • PDF document for you to use as you like


Fully customizable templates that you can use over and over.

Why do you need this packet?

If you find yourself spending an incredible amount of time on the internet looking for the perfect creative brief or you have no idea what to include in your creative brief, this packet is for you.

Writing, taking pictures, or whatever your creative business is, that is why you went into business. You didn’t sign up to waste precious time looking for something you can easily get in this template. Fully customizable for your business, you have everything you need to outline your client’s project, helping you to succeed the way you’ve dreamed of.

Modify/personalize the templates as you need to fit your brand.

Did I mention everything is customizable able? Alter the creative brief to fit your brand, your style, and your voice.


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