Copycademy Course


This isn’t the average copywriting course.

Have you ever gotten frustrated wondering why some content and blogs have become popular while your website continues struggling?

Why some products or services are out-selling you?  Or why do other people’s ideas seem to take off while your ideas flop?

What are the key ideas behind all of this content marketing?




With this course, I’ll explain the fundamentals of good copywriting and help you to apply these strategies to be more efficient with your copy, increasing your reach for your content, brands, products, or services.

You’ll learn simple strategies to make your ideas pop, increase your influence, and how to generate buzz around your content.

Drawing on principles outlined in “Book Yourself Solid: The fastest More Reliable System for Getting More Clients than you Can Handle” by Michael Port illustrates successful strategies for you to use to create effective marketing strategies.

Also, principles outlined in “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller helping you to create a brand that connects with your ideal audience.

By the end of this course, you’ll better understand copywriting fundamentals and how to craft compelling content and get your product, website, or services noticed.

You’ll explore the psychology behind copywriting that compels audiences to purchase, click or follow.

You’ll also discover the key principles that help you connect with your target audience.

You’ll learn how to make any content you write more memorable, whether it’s a pitch to your boss or a lesson you want students to remember.

Finally, in our mini-workshops, you’ll get the opportunity to apply these skills with real feedback.


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