Freelance Pitch Packet


  • Book of 6 freelance pitch templates
  • Filled-in sample with every template to see what a completed template looks like
  • Customisable for all types of creative freelancers
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Fully customizable templates that you can use over and over. The companion PDF guide explains each pitch template in simple terms, with plenty of examples. Customizable for all freelancers, from writers to photographers.

Why do you need this packet?

If you find yourself spending an incredible amount of time on the internet looking for pitch ideas or samples, or you’re struggling with coming up with something to say, then you need this packet.

You only have so many hours in the day to focus on your writing, don’t waste any of that precious time looking for something you can easily get in this template. Fully customizable for your business, you have everything you need to make that perfect pitch, helping you to succeed the way you’ve dreamed of.

The pitch templates will help you get started in getting that first client. I never knew what to say when I first started, and I found there was plenty of “this will work” advice on the internet. The problem? The pitches I used/modified didn’t help me at all. In this packet, I’ll provide you with the exact template that I use, that I use and works.

Modify/personalize the templates as you need to fit your brand.

Did I mention everything is customizable able? You can tailor each item to fit your brand.


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