The Ultimate Guide to Understanding of Supplements and Vitamins

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By Christina

I was glued to the computer the other day looking at the current news when I came across an article about Bella Hadid. Immediately I spit my coffee all over my screen when I read how many vitamins and supplements she takes every morning. Now, I don’t know what her medical team is telling her but 72 vitamins seems excessive. 


However, again she has Lyme disease so I don’t know what she and her doctor decided upon to help her. 


But we still need to chat about supplements and vitamins.

While I completely agree with them, there are reasons why you shouldn’t just randomly start taking every single vitamin you see on the shelf.

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For one reason, many vitamins will have a combination of vitamins mixed in. For example, I buy magnesium to help with my sleep, stress, and fatigue. It also has B6. So when I looked for  Zinc, I noticed B6 was included as well. 

The others I take are, coenzyme A10, with hyaluronic acid, selenium, folic acid, vitamin E, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, Omega 3, and selenium. 


Each of these addresses needs that I specifically had, and while I do miss having access to multivitamins, I do like having control of the amount, the particular type of vitamin, and the quality of each one. 


The reason I’m so concerned with the amount I consume is that our bodies only need a small amount of vitamins and minerals every day.

Of course, this is varied by diet. Often, what we eat is enough to provide what we need. (

Abbreviations you need to look out for 

AI: Adequate Intake-recommended daily intake of nutrients

UL: Upper Intake Level: The highest amount to take without any harm to you.

RDA: Recommend Daily Allowance: What is deemed the right amount for you to take daily as recommended by the FDA.

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Some supplements are riskier than others, for example, high doses of vitamin A and other fat-soluble vitamins like E or K can build up in the body and become toxic—other risky minerals like iron and selenium. 


The Point of Supplements and Vitamins 

The point of vitamins is to fill the gaps between what you are not getting from food or because of health reasons. 

Vitamins taken in excess the body will not absorb, and it gets rid of the excess as waste.

That’s like peeing your money away. There was no purpose or support for the excess intake. suggests if you have no medical concerns to examine your diet and make adjustments before you begin a vitamin regimen. says that women have different and specific nutrient needs than men and those needs change throughout our lives. 

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Some women may not even need to take supplements or vitamins while others need many supplements to reach their UL.

As I assume is the case with Bella Hadid

Other considerations and reasons to use vitamins depend on your weight, medical conditions, medications, and alcohol usage. 

Women with diabetes, autoimmune disease, or gastrointestinal conditions are likely to develop a deficiency and will need more supplements and vitamins than a woman with no medical issues. 


The bottom line, talk to your doctor and decide what your body needs. 

Listen to your body and don’t take something you don’t need.

Not only is it a waste of money but you could be causing more harm than good to your body.  

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