An Introvert’s Guide to Hygge Anytime of the Year

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By Christina

Spoiler alert, I’m an introvert. 

I love hanging out on the couch wrapped in my hand-knitted and store-bought blankets reading or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Or some kind of British Cozy Mystery. 


Yes, I know I live in France and I should be more adventurous. 

However, when I was a little girl I didn’t have the comfort of home the way others did. We moved around a lot, so nothing felt cosy enough for me to want to hang out and just relax. 


When I moved to Oregon I discovered hygge. Instantly, Oregon became my happy place. 

I was like a kid in a candy store with rain and cloudy skies, almost eight months out of the year. At this important time of my life, I discovered how to embrace my introvertness and lean into the simple things that made me comfortable, at home, and relaxed.

That in turn helped me to build a loving relationship with home.

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The origins of Hygee (hoo-gah)

You may have heard of Hygee and you may not have. Many of us are convinced Hygge comes from Denmark but the truth is Hygee originated in Norway.

In fact in Old Norwegian, it means “well being”. The Danish began embracing the practice of Hygee in the 18th century and of course, never stopped. 

Self Care in the 18th Century!


What is Hygge? 

In a nutshell, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in your life with good people.

Or in my case, the introvert, by yourself.

Some of the best examples of hygge are simply enjoying candlelight, cosying up with loved ones on the couch, and of course, having a dinner party with family and friends.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Hygee any time of the Year


Hygee in Summer: 

Summertime is a time for adventure, sure but for the introvert, it is still time to take care of yourself.

According to Introvert Dear, a study involving students between a forest and a city discovered the students sent to the woods had lower levels of cortisol-the hormone often used as a marker for stress-than the students who went to the city.

Introverts can be more sensitive to stress, becoming overwhelmed, and mental health issues than extroverts, because of this reason it’s incredibly important for introverts to get a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air. (Vanden Breul)

So in the summertime decide what you like, and discover the summer hygge. Here are some ideas:

  • bike rides
  • walk in the forest
  • gardening
  • spending the day reading in a park


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During the fall when the weather gets cooler, you may find you want to do more things inside.  I understand. 

However, fall is still warm enough for evening strolls, running through the leaves, and gardening. 

Here are my favorite indoor hygge activities for Fall:

  • Reading 
  • sipping on wine while listening to vinyl records, Adele, or classical Motzart.
  • Visiting museums



Possibly my favorite time of the year. I love winter and all that it brings.

As an introvert, this is my indoor Olympics. Here are my outdoor and indoor activities for you to try:


  • Christmas Markets-small villages
  • drinking mulled wine
  • wearing oversized scarves


  • Lighting candles
  • cuddling under blankets
  • wearing my favorite indoor sweaters
  • reading or resting in a cozy nook to decompress

Favorite indoor: tucked in bed, reading or watching my British cosy mysteies. (BEST)



Refresh yourself! 

Spring is perfect for introverts practicing hygge. Moving to France has taught me how to embrace spring and I want the same for you. 

Here are my tips for introvert’s hygge in spring:

  • Eat lunch outdoors
  • Drink coffee outdoors
  • reading
  • bake something-who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies
  • Use essential oils and candles. 
  • Create a fairy garden

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