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By Christina

Writing & Lifestyle Renaissance 

Starting a business from scratch is like trying to teach a cat to tap dance—harder than it looks, and a few scratches along the way are inevitable. Discovering your “why” in the business world?

Well, that’s like finding a needle in a haystack made of haystacks.


So, why did I decide to jump on the runaway and risky train ride of rebranding?

Personal growth, my friend.

Sometimes you have to let go and shred your skin to be your authentic self. You see I fell back into old routines, running around confused and deliberately sabotaging myself.

Not good!

After a strange year, I took a step back for a few weeks and began doing what I love, writing.

I began working more on my novel, and during that time I realized this is what I have always wanted. This is where my personal and professional dreams collide.

In that epiphany-type moment, I realized I needed to rebrand. I needed to not only chase my dreams but I needed to realign myself with my values. 

Now, with the new site, the new words, and of course a new outfit, I am creating my own business adventure. 


Keep reading to uncover other reasons for my rebranding. 

writing & Lifestyle

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👍There is just so much to explore. 

One of the first pieces of advice you’re given as a copywriter or blogger is to identify your niche. The problem I found with that is the boxed effect.

I wanted of course to write for small businesses looking to connect with their audience. I wanted to tell stories, but I also wanted to do much more than that.

There are a variety of things I want to document and share. Like most people I have many interests, that’s what keeps me motivated and curious.

Besides, we wear many hats, so why can’t we cover several different niches as well?  


👍Staying true to my core values and mission.

My mission has always been to tell stories and make connections with audiences. To get small businesses noticed and organize their website content.

Rebranding myself is a deliberate move to stay focused on my professional values and personal identity. I want to ensure that I am fostering authentic connections with my audience and creating a bond through shared values. 


👍It’s more about the passion

My passion is writing, and that is what I want to share with the world. Through my writing, I want to inspire others to transform their dreams into reality.

Whether that is through my copywriting, virtual assistance, or from stories of my life in France, I want to help others realize that their passion is possible and that they can accomplish their goals. 


👍Making emotional connections

I know I’m repeating myself, I’m just so excited to share this new journey with you!

Apart of my values and mission is to make meaningful emotional connections. My goal is to help my readers, aspire, imagine, and create their own way of living. 

Through storytelling, I want to build on my foundation of values and create stronger brand loyalty. And the only way I can do that is through communicating. And I have to tell my story my way, not through a filter. 


👍 A stronger cohesive strategy

My goal this go around is to make the readers, and clients the center of my brand strategy. While the content I create has to do with my journey, my goal is to make that content relatable.

Allowing my readers or clients to live through my stories. I want to make Christina Q. Writes more human, accessible, and authentic. 


Never miss a post!

Get your dose of tips, advice and lessons learned at my expense. Grab a cup of coffee, get cosy and let’s do this! 

writing & lifestyle


My choice to change everything about Christina Q. Writes wasn’t an easy one, but it was the right choice for me. 2024 for me, is going to be about adapting to the industry, personal development, targeting my audience, differentiating and aligning myself with clients and audiences who embrace the same values. 

I’m still me, Christina, I’m just solidifying my personal online success with copywriting and now sharing my French lifestyle with my refreshed and growing brand.

Need advice?

I’m here to listen to what you have to say. Send me your questions, concerns or simple hellos and I’ll get back to you on the column!

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