Valentine’s Day in France

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By Christina

The way to a French woman’s heart is through red roses. 

Trust me. 


In France, Valentine’s day is know as “la Saint-Valentin” or “la fête des amoureux”. As with the rest of the world it lands on the 14th of February, and of course, is all about lovers. 


According to (study) one in two French people in a relationship celebrate Valentine’s Day in one way or another. 


Unlike the United States of America, you’ll find flowers for sale (as you would any other day or weekend), and more restaurants taking reservations. You may even find candy in the supermarkets, however, most adults will purchase special chocolate from the chocolatier. 


Regardless of where you spend Valentine’s Day, it is a celebration of Love. And even if you’re not in love you can celebrate the love you have for yourself or your friends.

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How to say Happy Valentine’s Day in French. 


French grammar is a bit difficult. There are words you use for someone you’re in a relationship with and words you use for strangers or acquaintances. 


If you’re in a relationship you would say “Joyeuse Saint-Valenin”. 


You will not find children exchanging Valentine’s cards in school. This is because, in France, Valentine’s Day is meant for those who are in relationships. Or are they just lovers.


French Valentine’s Day Traditions


 You will not find card giving for any occasion in France. Maybe for birthdays but that’s pretty much it. 

The French prefer to celebrate Valentine’s in person in a romantic setting with their significant other. 


To have a romantic dinner in one of the best restaurants in France, you will need to make a reservation. (and well in advance). Paris has a bit more options for celebrating this holiday, Paris restaurants, bars, parks, and cabarets host special events to mark the celebration. 


Some cities, such as Ramboulette will decorate around the city to mark valentines. Which is really cute. 

Chartres will have decorations around the chocolate and bakery shops, you may even see a bit in small boutiques. 

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Valentine’s Day Gifts in France. 

A reservation at an elegant restaurant, a weekend away, or making their loves dinner, are just some of the ways the French celebrate. 


Many of the gifts that will be given are flowers, perfume, and jewelry. 

As I mentioned above, Flowers are the most popular Valentine’s Day give. French florists turnover what they would usually make in a week on that day. 


Roses represent about 80% of the flowers offered on Valentine’s Day, but other flowers like lilies, peonies, or tulips symbols of love, passion, or loyalty are offered on this day. 


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