Tame the household chores with this Practical Advice

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By Christina

Hello Readers!

In our modern busy lives maintaining a home can feel like an overwhelming task, especially for those who find themselves struggling with the never-ending battle against clutter.

I often relate to the chores that never go away, and the constant struggle to maintain tidiness.

So let’s all take a deep breath, and repeat “I’m not alone!” Life is messy, and that is perfectly okay.

Remember that chores are not a punishment. 

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First of all, it is crucial to understand that we all allow societal pressure to dictate the unrealistic expectations of housekeeping and tending to chores.

 All that pressure only leads to unnecessary stress.

So, let’s start with burning that perspective to the ground and learn to get comfortable with having a home you love and is functional for you.

Practical tips for realistically keeping a home tidy. (and taming those chores)

1. Be realistic

Accept that you are not Martha Stwart. I’ve made my peace with that and so can you. Your ideal of perfection is not the same as someone else’s. Establish realistic goals based on your schedule, personal priorities, and of course your personality. A tidy home that doesn’t stink is an awesome goal to have and not to be ashamed of.


2. Create a Routine

Instead of cramming in one day to clean your house from top to bottom, try creating a manageable cleaning or weekly plan. Break the cleaning tasks into smaller, more achievable chunks and tackle them on your own time. Remember that consistency is critical, so discover the routine. that works for your lifestyle.


3. Declutter regularly

One way to simplify your cleaning. is to minimize the number of items in your home. Most of us are guilty of buying way too much stuff, clothes, shoes, and other things. While there is no way most of us will stop overbuying, it is a good idea to regularly declutter to keep your space more organized and reduce the time and effort to clean.


4. Embrace Imperfection

Perfect is good for those who have maids, and an army of employees. If that doesn’t sound like your household they embrace imperfections that make your home uniquely yours. A lived- in space is a sign of a life well-lived, and those little messes often come with cherished memories. (think of the Lego creation your kid made and refuses to put away because it took forever)


5.  Celebrate your wins

Acknowledge and celebrate what you’ve done, regardless of how small. Completing even the smallest cleaning task, such as the toilet your bear husband might have destroyed the last time he was sick, is a step in the right direction. Positive reinforcement can motivate you to keep going and embrace your routine.

Remember the goal is not to become Martha Stewart or hold yourself up to her, but to create a space that supports your well-being and brings you joy. So, take a deep breath, let go of the unrealistic expectations, and enjoy the moments that truly matter.


As for me, I’ve accepted I’m not Donna Read or Martha.

Here’s to a home that refelcts the beauty of your life’s journey, even if it is a littel messy.

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