Spring Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit Refresh Challenge for Spring

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By Christina

This Spring let’s make it the best we can. I’m challenging you to Spring Wellness, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit. 

In this blog post, I’m sharing the first steps to get started in the Spring Wellness challenge. (The best part; it’s all FREE)

Below are my top 5 tips to help you begin or refresh your journey. To start we are going to hash out the details. We will create our goals, and how we will accomplish those goals. So, let’s get started. 


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Spring Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit Refresh Challenge for Spring

I’ve been on different and recurring health and wellness journeys and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way that I want to share to help you save time, and energy while supporting you in reaching your goals. Let’s make this season our healthiest yet! 

5 tips to start the Refresh Journey

1. Identify your goal

Why are you starting this journey? Winter was tough on a lot of us, if you live in the Pacific Northwest then you’re aware of Seasonal Depression.

Mentally, being indoors and unable to do the things you want to do for whatever reason, money, weather, or work, makes wanting to do anything difficult.

So, dig deep and discover why you want to refresh. A place to start is here, Everything you need to feel refreshed this Spring. 

Practice your refreshing journey with tips from this blog post, and then decide on your goal for the entire Spring. Maybe it’s to be more present in your life.

Or to find joy. Either way, your goal should be well thought out, and honest. 

2. Let’s discover our why. Why do you want to work on this goal?

What are your reasons for your goal? Be honest! This past winter, I’ve been mentally exhausted, and physically worn down.

While I don’t like to admit to anyone, even myself that I need help the only way I can make this Spring Wellness work for me is to be honest.

Plus, this helps my motivation to accomplish my goal. 


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3. Identify the first step to reach your goal

How will you go about accomplishing this goal? Will you allow more mental breaks to release stress?  Or if your goal is to feel better, what will you do to accomplish that goal? 

For me, mentally I want to feel better. One step I’m taking to reach this goal by first identifying what is causing my stress, and then dealing with that.

I’ve researched books written by respectable doctors that will also help me identify what might be causing more anxiety attacks.  From there I might reevaluate my goals, and or how I’m going to accomplish them.

Again this journey is about self-care, and you must be honest with yourself to get the most out of the challenge. 

4. Practice + refine your strategy

Practice makes perfect. As I mentioned above really think about how you’re going to map out the path to your goal. Understand the journey is a marathon, not a sprint. 

And, nothing is written in stone. You can adjust the goals and actions to better fit your needs. Maybe you want to focus more on your spirit, or you’re finding your physical needs are more pressing.

I like to think that this journey towards Spring Wellness is a gentle way of learning who you are after winter. Like a butterfly coming out, the seasons are constantly changing. So are we, so let’s enjoy the process. 

5. Create an incentive map-download your free map!

If you need a visual, then here you go! Just sign up for our newsletter and grab your FREE map. 

Download and post it on your fridge or wherever you want to keep it in your eyesight. Hold yourself accountable to your goals, but don’t be rough on yourself.

Again this Spring Wellness, Mind, Body, and Soul Challenge for Spring is a gentle way of healing, growing, and learning about us. 


I hope you join me on this journey. We are in this together, so let’s support one another. 

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