Journal 101: Working on My Fitness Journey

Diary 101: working on my fitness

By Christina

fitness journey

I love a good sweat, and if you read my post on Everything You Need to Refresh For Spring, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Tracy Anderson. 

For years, I have danced my little butt to her routines, thrusting my arms and legs in directions I never thought was possible. 

Having a bit of a dance background myself, I lived to get up and work out for an hour with my little blonde girl. Or as Gywenth Paltrow calls her “My little miracle.” 


But as we get older and our bodies change making it difficult to continue doing activities we did in our twenties and thirties. 

Today, right now if I were dancing with Tracy Anderson my knees and hips would hurt for days, making it difficult to follow the regime of five days a week.  (my recovery time wouldn’t allow me to do a next-day workout.)


So after a decade, oh dear has it been that long? I gave up the cardio with Tracy.

I still follow her on Instagram, we are still totally friends. And I still check out her website for healthy recipes, so no we didn’t break up up. 


However, I had to move on. 

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Diary 101: working on my fitness

Working on my Fitness. 

After moving to France in 2020, it was hard to find the time or the motivation to work out.

Thankfully for about three years, I was walking everywhere so realizing I was missing out on my normal routines wasn’t a big deal. 

In fact, I think I might have lost more weight than I ever did when I worked out. 

Of course that could have been due to other factors. 


So when I finally got settled in our semi-perminate home I decided it was time to get back in the saddle. 

That was when I found Pvovle- yes even before Jennifer Aniston started raving. 

I discovered I could still do the same intensity as I loved with Tracy Anderson just with lower impact. Plus the workout times varied anywhere from 10 min to 45 min. 

OK, I’m gonna confess something delicate.

I love working out.

But, getting started is hard. Meaning, I can get dressed and ready to start sweating but I literally don’t have the motivation to begin.  


I start thinking about all the things I have to do after working out. I’ll have to take a shower, my legs and arms will be wiggly and I’ll be tired. Basic excuses. 

But once I get started, I can go on and on. I loved working out for an hour or more. 


Going through Fitness Changes

But I’ve noticed that with Pvolve I am not so reluctant to start. I just begin. I don’t try to talk myself out of it, or provide my fickle will with excuses. 


Two months into the Pvolve routine, I am going to share with you my success. 

I love the way my body is feeling. I don’t feel sluggish, and after the workouts, I don’t feel as though I’m going to need six days of recovery time. 

But that is not shade at Tracy that is more evidence that my body changed and I listened to it. Something she encourages. 

And was rewarded. 


I’m excited about what is going to happen to me mentally and physically as I progress in my fitness journey. And I’m even more excited to share each step of the way with you all! 


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