How to Obtain Kate Middleton’s Hair? A Very Serious Investigation

Kate Middleton

By Christina

Kate Middleton is possibly one of the most famous women in the world. And while most of us, myself included would have embarrassed ourselves by now, ie getting out of a car inappropriately, falling on a cobblestone street while reaching out to shake someone’s hand or uttered a swear word in front of reporters. 


That’s just a mild list of embarrassments. 


While her poise and grace are something to admire, I desperately wish my hair would be half as gorgeous as hers. Just half, or maybe even a quarter. 


Seriously, she has gorgeous hair. 

Kate middleton

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The Princess of Wales has perfect waves, full volume and there is no up-do she can not pull off. 

So how can we mere mortals achieve this level of hair perfection? 

I’ve dove deep into the heart of this investigation.

My mission was to find the product or products used the most on Kate Middleton’s hair that would help me, and you, achieve gorgeous hair. 

Here is what I’ve found on How to Obtain Kate Middleton’s Hair. 


I gathered a few secret items used by her long-time stylist Amanda Cook Tucker, who has worked with the Princess of Wales since 2012. 


Here are three essentials Amanda swears by when she is working on Kate Middleton’s hair. 


1. Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom

According to Amanda this product adds shine and helps to keep everything in place. At the same time, it offers moisture, protection, and a conditioning layer without appearing greasy. 

Thankfully this cream is more affordable than just hiring Amanda (she charges 300 a day!), setting you back $26.00 for 200ml. 


2. Mason Pearson Handy Brush.

Designed in 1920 this brand is an iconic British Institution. While the design of the brush is relatively common, they do have a rage of brushes with bristles designed for different types of hair. 


If you have an issue with flyaways and frizz then you’re going to want this brush. For those of us with fine hair and volume issues, this brush is perfect to help you achieve that perfect poof. 


I’m not going to lie if you decide you want to get this brush you’ll be looking at brushes that range from 62-140 or more. Just a warning. 


For the budget-conscious gal, you can find great alternatives to the Mason Pearson Brush. 

Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Brush is about $28. 

Tangle Teezer the Original Detangling Hairbrush $14. 


3. Loreal Elnette Hairspray

The iconic gold hairspray with long-lasting natural hold. 

This hairspray doesn’t just keep things in place it also aims to add shine, give way to more volume or flexibility, and provides heat protection. 

You can get this fine produce for a reasonable $8.00 at your local department store. (ie target, Walmart, or Boots)



While the investigation is far from over, meaning I need to know shampoos, conditioners, and much more to be satisfied. This is a good start. 

The quest for perfect and gorgeous hair continues. Stay tuned. 

Au bientot!


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