How to Feel Confident in Going After Your Dreams

Life in France

By Christina

March 2020. 

The choice had been made. We were following our dream, and moving to France. 

The reason behind the final push was the pandemic. We had no idea how long it was going to last, and if it did continue then our lives would be on hold.

Neither of us wanted that. 

When it came to our dream, my husband and I constantly pushed it to the back for whatever reason. 

Money, we saved and saved but would we have enough? Did we need to save more? Could we do this? How would we manage? The questions and the fears came hard and fast. But they were simple problems. 

The real problems were with getting to Europe. The new complicated restrictions and health precautions were difficult to navigate. 

But that is a special circumstance. 

While money will come and go, and life can change on a dime with the option to make changes to life as we can. The one thing we cannot do is get a do-over or add more time. 

So, when I uttered the words “It’s now or never.” I really didn’t know that I said it. The words came out of my mouth but I was numb, practically paralyzed with fear.

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brown rock formation on sea during daytime

We had done research, so much research that having never been to Normandy I could tell you the best route to get there from Paris. 

I was relearning my French and continued working with my youngest on the French basic vocabulary. 

Add in the fear of getting sick. What would we do if we contracted Covid? 

Plans, aside from Covid, had been made and made and remade. 

But that’s all they were until that fateful day in July 2020. 

The confidence and fear is what held us back for over eleven years. 

Ever since we traveled to Germany we decided we would live in Europe. Then back in the States, reality settled in. Dreaming as an adult is silly, that’s stuff for children. 

But still, the dream would not go away. 

But that’s the way life is, isn’t it?
As adults we get jaded. Sure having dreams as little kids led us to a certain direction but then we had to make practical choices, ones that would mean success and long-term security. 


The dream I had as a kid was to be an actress. Oh, I wanted it so bad I could taste it. 

I took dance in school, I took theatre, and I read what I could on the method. But each time I thought I was heading in the right direction a teacher or friend would knock me down to earth. 

“You will fail” was the common theme. 

So when I entered college, my first semester was filled with theater, blocking, and camera acting classes, and I dropped them all. Started from scratch. 

Despite knowing I am talented, and my determination I let it all go because I lacked the confidence. 

You have to be incredibly special and beautiful in order to make it, and you’re chubby, not cute and let’s face it you’re not special. That is what my inner sabotager would say to me. 

So, I dropped that dream. 

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Get your dose of tips, advice and lessons learned at my expense. Grab a cup of coffee, get cosy and let’s do this! 


That was heartbreaking for me, and when I decided to take an acting class after graduation I was delighted at the feedback. But I was told that I passed my prime and unless my ambition is to only do community theater I lost too much time. 

Time! If only we could add more time. 


So how did we feel confident in going after our dreams? 

Here is a list of tips that helped us, and could help you. 


Highlight your positives

Regardless of what your challenges with self-confidence, I know you can find a silver lining and one thing you like about yourself.

We all have strengths.

What kind of advice do you constantly get asked for?

Take time to make a note of those things. When you highlight your awesomeness, each day, it will help to boost your self-confidence.

And who better to be your personal cheerleader than you? 

Positives can be physical, skills, or character traits. Embrace them and remind yourself that you are capable! 

Set aside some time to celebrate you.

Treat yourself to a special lunch or some kind of treat that makes you feel nice. Celebrate the person you are.

You could also do this with a really good cup of your favorite drink and an activity you enjoy. Reading, binge-watching a series, people watching. The world is your oyster. 

When someone offers you a compliment, write it down. This will help you to see what others are seeing. 

Say something positive about yourself in the mirror each day. For instance, today you’re going to show them how awesome you are! Put it other!

Manifest like Kim K. 

Set goals and utilize your strengths. 

You’ve written down what is great about you, and you’ve given yourself affirmation. Now set goals for yourself around your strengths. You may even stumble into your passion. 

And when you do then you can rewrite your goals or create new ones that will propel you deeper into your confidence journey. 


Take care of yourself

One of the best ways you can take care of yourself is to allow room for error and know that things will go wrong. 

So be kind to yourself, hat is the best thing you can do for your confidence. 

It is ok to make a mistake.

It is ok to fail.

If you’re not failing then you’re not trying.

And honestly, what is the worst thing that could happen?

You don’t regret going after your dream? Remember my story about being an actress, despite my talent, I never went for it.

And that is something I regret. Don’t live that way because regret can eat at your soul. 


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Enjoy experimenting

If you know your passion, then do it on the regular. If you love it then you’re gonna wanna do it, right? If you don’t know, then start from scratch. Start exploring. Perhaps you’ll find it at a community college, basket weaving, or shoe making, whatever. The point is to try something, enjoy yourself, and then explore how to keep doing that. 

Nurturing your passion

Once you have discovered your passion, nurture it.

Passions tend to bring us joy so keep focus on your passion. Regardless of what it is, don’t lose sight of it. Many will try to knock down what you enjoy, but it’s your passion, not theirs. 

Carve out some time to work on your passion. Knitting, writing or (fill in the blank) passion here.

Work on it, and perfect it.

The more you find joy in your passion the more you will want to do more of it. 

Continue to learn

Never stop exploring. Even if you have figured out your passion, learn more about it. Learn the new tips and tricks for it. Or try out several topics to discover what is your passion. 

You’ll know that you have found your passion when you carve out time just to do it, and you have an indescribable feeling whenever you are working on your projects. 

Take a leap of faith

The only way to determine if you are going to be successful with your passion is to take a leap of faith.

There isn’t a rush on these things, it all depends on your timeline. And if your passion is just to compete, such as baking, but not. to make money, still put yourself out there.

If you don’t then you’ll never network, meet new people, or learn new things about your passion.

Trust you’re making the right choice because it’s better to take that leap then to wonder what if.



Commit 100%

No matter your passion, the more you commit and work on it the better you’ll become and more confident you’ll be with your passion. 

You are your biggest critic, but don’t be. Instead, be your biggest cheerleader. Learn to love your mistakes and learn from them. 

Confidence comes from within, and trust me you can nurture and grow your confidence. 


Comment below on how you like to build your confidence when it comes to your dreams and passions.

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