5 Key Transitional Pieces You Need to Invest In

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By Christina

We are at the strange in-between time where it’s not warm enough to wear certain things but it’s not cold enough to wear others. Meaning, this is the time to wear your winter-to-spring pieces. 

And who better than the French to guide you with versatile high quality pieces? 


Transitional Pieces

The French are well known to have their transitional versatile and practical items of high quality. 

But wait, what are transitional pieces? 

Simply put they are garments to wear during that limbo period between seasons. ( Too cold to wear a T-shirt but too warm to wear a sweater.)

For me in Normandy, it’s super cold in the morning and light jacket cooler in the afternoon. 


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5 Key Transitional Pieces You Need to Invest in (NOW)


abercrombie and fitch

Image from Abercombie

1. High-rise jeans-

While I’m more of a skinny jeans girl but high rise jeans are great and so cute when you’ve got a blazer or a plaid shirt on (French tuck). The color doesn’t matter, it’s about mood. I’ve seen faded blue, black and white. I think it just depends on how versatile you want your jeans to be. 

My favorites are from Abercrombie & Fitch: click here

black blazer

Image from Nordstrom

2. Black blazer-

The power coat. Young ladies in college, women, and older ladies wear the heck out of blazers, and why not they are stylish. The relaxed blazer is so comfortable and easy to add to any piece. 

Like those high-rise jeans. 

This one is from Nordstrom: click here 


cardigen m&S

Photo from M&S

3. Crewneck Cardigan-

Wear it as a shirt or as an open sweater on top of a tee shirt for added warmth. The cardigan is versatile and you’ll find you can wear it with just about anything.

Jeans, skirts, shorts the limit is your imagination. 

I’ve found many cute cardigans at my favorite shop M&S.

Mark & Spencer: Click here


photo taken from M&S

4. Loafers-

I’m a boot, wedge, and tennis shoe girl. But loafers were my first love, so when I saw French women still wearing them and wearing them until they were practically falling off I got so excited.

Again very versatile you can wear this with practically anything. 

Such Cute Loafers at M&S : Click here



Photo from Sheertex

5. Nylons-

French women wear these as though they were second skin. They are worn under skirts, jeans, and shorts. Even in the wintertime, I’ll see girls, women, and ladies of all ages wearing nylons under shorts. It is stylish and so cute.

 Nylons are a key staple in a French woman’s closet, and quite possibly the most used. 

My Favorite are from Sheertex: Click Here

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