Beauty Trends: Skinimalism & Makeup Maximalism

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By Christina


There is no better time than today to express yourself through make-up and beauty routines. The hot beauty trend to discover is skinimalism and make-up maizimalism. 

But what the heck are they? And are they right for you? 

Is the skinimalism beauty all about little to no makeup? Is Maiximalism all about wearing your make up to the extreme? Or painting your face like a drag queen-pure artistry


Let’s take a deep dive into the contrasting makeup trends, and discover their benefits, impacts, and how they shape our self views  Are you ready? Keep reading!

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Skinimalism in the beauty world

Fashion and beauty are two industries that are always changing, and evolving. Trends come and go, some good and some not so good.

One new trend gaining a lot of attention today is skinimalsim. This is a more minimalist approach to skincare.

A more natural approach 


But what is skinimalism? 

Skinimalism is all about embracing a simplified skincare routine that focuses more on your natural beauty. It encourages you to return to basics and use products with only the necessary ingredients. 

Think of high-value, high-quality ingredients that nourish and treat your skin like an angel. 


All in all, skinimalism helps with prioritizing essential skincare steps and minimizing unnecessary products, skinimalism highlights the importance of nourishing and caring for your skin without all the gunk. 


The best part is skinimalism doesn’t require you to buy high-end and expensive products but rather purchase well throughout and the products best for your skin type. 


When you understand your skin needs, and the type of skin you have, the better you’re able to develop better skin health and enhance your natural beauty. –that’s the idea

Benefits and sustainability of skinimalism

Skinimalism provides several benefits for both your skin health and the environment.

When you simplify your skincare routine you’re reducing the risk of overwhelming your skin with ingredients that are both unnecessary and irritating.

Eliminating ingredients that cause skin irritation may likely also reduce breakouts or other common skin care concerns. 


On the flip side, using the skinimalism trend will allow you to use fewer products which in turn reduces waste.  If you’re all about eco-friendly beauty products and responsible consumption then skinimalisim might be a good choice for you. 


Proritizing your skin health and minimizing the use of excessive products you’re giving your skin the opportunity to embrace a more natural and healthy glow. 


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Maximalism Makeup

This trend, as the name suggests, celebrates boldness and creativity in the beauty industry. It involves using an abundance of cosmetics to create intricate, elaborate, and dramatic looks. 

The makeup maximalist embraces the idea of pushing boundaries and experimenting with colors, textures, and techniques to express yourself. 

If you’re passionate about makeup, this trend gives you the creative outlet you are looking for to showcase your unique style. 

Of course, maximalism makeup isn’t just about a set beauty regime, it is about exploring and pushing the traditional makeup trends, by encouraging you to think outside the box and be as creative as your imagination allows. 

It’s all about self-expression and being unapologetically you. 


Of course, this trend may not be for everyone. I for one am not capable of creating bold looks or even brave enough to do so.

However, maximalism does offer a unique and exciting approach to beauty. 


Choosing your trend: Skinimalism or Makeup Maximalism

When deciding what trend you should or want to follow think about your needs and your values. 

Take into consideration your skin type, lifestyle, and environmental consciousness.

Finding a balance is the key here. Take your time and choose the path that speaks to you. 

Remember your beauty routine should enhance who you are inside, your natural beautiful self. It should make you feel confident and comfortable with being you. 

Try them both, see which one is speaking your language! 

And hey, if you choose to adopt both of these trends I support you! 

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