7 things French Women do to Keep Orangized

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By Christina

Believe it or not, French women do not like to do massive cleaning like we do in America. The attitude is about cleaning and keeping organized is quite simple. 

Clean up us as you go so you’re not spending your weekend cleaning the house. 

French women lean on daily routines such as making their beds every morning, tossing dirty clothes into the hamper, and not leaving a mess behind you.

For instance, if you’re in the bathroom after you’ve taken a shower wipe down the glass. Clean up the hair and makeup residue around the skin once you’ve finished making yourself gorgeous. 

tout le temps.

So let’s dive into the ways Fench women keep organized. 

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7  Things French Women to Do Keep Organized

Take 10 minutes each morning to get the house visit ready. -Motto to live by

1. Every day make the beds, and pick up any messes from the kitchen or the living room.

Quickly wipe the floors with a Swiffer or dust mop whatever you have. 

When you take a small amount of time, say 30 minutes to tidy up, you’ll find being organized isn’t as difficult as you might think. 

An instagramer I follow, Jessica @jessicamay_home, has a routine of taking 30 minutes each night to tidy up her living room, load her dishwasher, and then wind down for bed. 


2. Less furniture & Less stuff

The French attitude is less is more. Now I understand if you’ve been to Versailles you’re looking at me like I’m crazy. Of course, Versailles is serious opulence bordering on way too much eye candy. But it’s functional.

The bedroom as you’ll find is just a bed, a table and some chairs. The furniture is exquisite. Even the rugs are beautiful, and everything seems to go well together.

That is the same in French homes.

Functional, fashionable, and useful. The fewer items you have the less cleaning up you have to do, I mean simple solution. 

Plus, you’re not so cluttered. In turn, this means you’re much more organized just by having functional furniture. 


3. Do small loads of laundry throughout the week. 

The French do not have huge washing machines nor do they have two large washing machines as many American’s. So when it comes to laundry they wash the essentials throughout the week. 

Blue jeans and sweaters are not washed regularly such as underwear and clothes you wear a lot. 

Dresses and other garments that are of high quality are taken to the dry cleaner as are jackets and sometimes duvet covers. 

Knowing how to treat your clothes and taking care of them the way they should be taken care of is also going to make your wardrobe staples last longer. 

Plus, being organized with your laundry keeps your weekends wide open for whatever you desire. 


4. Integrate clever storage 

In France, Paris especially, storage is limited so you have to be creative. IKEA is a great tool to help figure out how to create storage solutions.

Three things the French have in their home to maximize storage can be:

  • Wardrobes
  • Cupboards or sideboards
  • Baskets

Everything has its place and when you know where everything goes it makes putting things away easier. 

Get kits in on the organizing. For instance, my sister-in-law used to have colour-coded bins to help clean up. Without reading or prompting from my sister-in-law, my nephew cleaned up his own room. Extra organized! 

5. Declutter regularly 

To prevent build-up or piles of unwanted items declutter often. Wrangle the piles of magazines and mail daily if not weekly. 

Unlike many of us in the States, we tend to allow things to pile up before we begin to declutter. 

Decluttering say, as you’re doing laundry will save you from having. to fish those from dressers and closets later.  Again organized and so simple. 


6. Have kitchen items you’ll use

Keep the kitchen uncluttered and with items you’ll use not that milk foamer stick thing you say you’re going to use but you never do. In the fridge, you use up what you have before buying more.


When you’re ready to go to the store, take stock of what you need and what you don’t. Clean up, the surfaces and whatever else you might have missed throughout the week.

When you come back you won’t have to clean up anything nor do you need to find a spot for the new things you bought because you’ve already hashed out that detail. 


7. Embrace the minimalist 

Now, I’m not talking about having a minimalist home that is practically bare and sterile. In this sense, it is more “no fuss”. Taking buying a couch. 

Many of us in the States want a couch with all the bells and whistles. Lounge chairs, chaises, ottomans you name it. 

In France, you’re looking for more comfort and practicality. Bells and whistles are nice, and I’m sure some French people want them but when it comes to the French lifestyle of LIVING.

Having a couch that is massaging or can turn into a Barca lounger is a waste. 

In the Summer, I kid you not, French people are out and about living life. At parks eating lunch practically all day! Walking around the city streets window shopping or visiting open-air markets. Or they are on vacation. This means you’re couch is not paying for itself and you wasted roughly $7,000 on a sectional La-Z-Boy. Money any French person would say would be better spent on a vacation.

Plus, the bigger the couch the more vacuuming you have to do, and possible the more steam washing. And who wants to spend a Saturday doing that? 

These organizing tips are incredibly simple and don’t take a ton of effort. This is on purpose. 

The entire idea is to live, and you can’t do that stuck in doors tearing up your messing kitchen.  

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Ready to Live a More Simple Life?

Sign up and get your dose of Christina’s secret tips, advice, and hard learned-lessons. Grab a cup of coffee, get cosy and let’s do this!


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