Homepage DIY Set-Up

Working on a brand new or even an establishe website is challenging. If you’re a nerd like me then you also think it is really fun! 

If your landing or homepage isn’t working the way you would like it is time to think about restructuring it. Even if you’re just starting out, structuring your homepage the right way will set your website up for success. 

Regardless of what you do with your site, make it as user friendly and as catchy as you can! 

With this workbook and wireframe you can easily set up your own homepage that is easy to navagate and performs the way you want and need it too. 

homepage templates and wireframe

Logo-Establish your brand right away! Get your logo in front of your audience. Place it either to the left, right or in the middle, just be sure that it is noticeable

SubHeader-Be sure to to establish right away what you do and how you can HELP your clients/customers. Vistors want to know they are in the right place and can find a solution to their problems. 

WireFrame- Included in this free download you will find a wireframe to help you visualize what a good homepage look like. All you need to do is add your brand flare! 

Still not sure if you can create the perfect homepage for your website? Let me help you with this task. With me you’ll recieve:

detailed list of how you can improve your homepage copy, design and usability

actionable solutions that are easy to implement-or you can have me do it.  😁 Click here to get started. 

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