Homepage Copywriting Package

Turn your homepage into a magnet that draws clients in, and grows your business

Creating a new website can be overwhelming, a homepage however is just stressful. Not only is the homepage where your audience makes their first impression of you but its also the place that can seduce them into stay a while  or scare them away.



Discover how to clarify your messages, turning more visitors into customers regardless of what page they end up on.

I’ll review your homepage, analyse what is working and what can be improved.

But, I’m just starting out!! 

If you’re starting from scratch, I’ll help you start your website off on the right foot.

website copywriting, homepage copy

it would be so nice to have someone help me with my homepage, and care about my brand as much as I do

Experience one-on-one support like you’ve never imagined because you’ve just found your new bestie.

copywriting and content writing services

You’re ready to get help with your homepage if…

you’re incredibly busy and too overwhelmed with your business

you have no idea how to recreate the homepages you find on Pinterest

your searches on Google have your head spinning and spending money you don’t have

you’ve signed up to courses that you started but never finished

you’re not a copywriter, or content writer or any other kind of writer


You NEED a Copywriter that:

⇨ Elevates your copy helping you grow your business

⇨ Thinks of your business goals

⇨ Uses your voice and brand

You started your business to make money and live the life you have always dreamed of. You’re not wrong for wanting to see your hard work pay off.

wireframe-copywriting homepage

sure you can go it alone, and DIY it


Sign up for courses

You could sign up for more courses that don’t make sense, or take up too much of your time. Which means you end ukp quitting, wasting money and not learning anything.


Ignore your homepage

It’s just your homepage, who even looks at a homepage? You could have this attitude, and keep wondering why your SEO isn’t ranking as it should, or why your customers are turning away.


Give up

Continue doing what you’re doing until you get so frustrated that you throw your hands in the air and announce to the world, “I Quit”.

Schedule Now

What’s included

Pre-kick off questionnaire to learn more about your project

One-on-one meeting to better understand your needs and vision for your site


Detailed report of the good and bad on your current homepage

Wireframe-a visual demonstrating how your site can look

Option to implement this yourself or add on to your package for me to implement your new homepage layout and copy

Unlimited revisions for eight (8)  business days

Add ons: review and implementation for your homepage, review and implementation for your

  • Contact page
  • (main) Service page
  • about page.

Amazing things are heading your way…..

Ever search the web just to look at the competition’s homepage, while wishing that your website was organized and structured just like theirs? Or perhaps, you refuse to look at other homepages because it will just make you feel bad for not doing something about your homepage?

My goal is to help you with your website copy and structure to give you the opportunity to attract more clients, make more sales and love your website.

You’re in need of a Homepage Copywriting Review if:

⮕ Your home page is the main source of your client inquires-like a freelancer

⮕ You just established your website and have no idea how to            design an effective website

⮕ Your homepage has gotten cluttered over time and you’re not         getting new clients

⮕ You want a homepage you’re not embarrassed of

⮕ You didn’t sign up to be a copywriter, webpage designer and  content creator.

Christina q. Writer Copywriting and content writing service

My computer, favorite writing music, and Harry Potter Pens are waiting for you!


You’re just a mere weeks from your new homepage copy.

Let’s start working on a plan for your homepage that gets you the copy and content your audience wants to read. With me, your new freelance copywriter bestie, I’ll work hard to discover what your homepage needs, learn all about your brand and audience, and create a homepage that will drive your audience to book, buy, read. and more.

Let’s Do this!

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