The Ultimate List of Project Management Tools for Freelancers

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Are you struggling with your time management? 

Sometimes a task, meeting, or even lunch gets forgotten?

That has happened to all of us, but there are ways to get more organized and a little less forgetful. 

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for cost-effective ways to be organized and to get things done with maximum productivity. The answer can be project management tools.

While many bloggers, content creators, and other online businesses use management tools they found or created, these tools are incredible to keep on top of the tasks needing to be done and planning to develop.

Remember post-it notes? You know those little pieces of paper that Romy and Michelle said they invented.

Or perhaps you are one of those people (ME) who writes numerous lists, gets them mixed up or lost, and duplicates tasks.

Ditch those post-it notes and the lists because there is a better way to become more organized and productive in your business.

And I promise you will not lose anything…well unless you’re me and you lose everything!

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What are Project Management tools?

Project management can be anything, from software to online calendars. Essentially, project management tools are programs you can use on your own or with coworkers.

Think of a storyboard that writers or directors like to use; each task is contingent on the other, and you can visually take in the status of each job. You can also see who is working on what or assign a task to a particular employee.

The entire purpose of the project management tool is to organize and delegate tasks during the entire lifecycle of a project/job.

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Why you need project management tools

One of the most incredible things a right product management tool can do for you is improve communication between you and maybe you. 🙂

Or your team!

Project management tools also build fresh creative ways for you and your team to be more collaborative and share ideas.

Using the management tool that works for you, your team, and your business will help you to stick to your schedule, manage your resources and make it easier for you to increase your production.

Types of project management tools you can use now! Some even for free!

      1. Trello-

Everyone I have come across loves Trello. While it doesn’t have a lot of built-in options, it is a suitable choice for anyone who enjoys the intuitive visuals of a Kanban board.

Happily, if you have no idea how a board should look, there are templates you can use and tailor to your needs.

While there is a free version, you can upgrade with monthly plans that start from $5, billed annually, $10 for premium, and $17.50 for Enterprise.

      2. Airtable

When I signed up for the Genius Blogger toolkit, I discovered bloggers love to use Airtable, as do many freelance writers.

It is a spreadsheet-like interface. From what I have seen with other bloggers, Airtable is user-friendly, versatile, and excellent for workflow. It is free, to a point.

The excellent features will cost you $10-$20, billed per month. (There are a ton of templates you can download or buy to help you get started or give you ideas

     3. Monday-

The features you get with this management tool are different views, mapping, a calendar, and a timeline.

You can manage all your planning, tracking, and delivery of services/products/content.

You are capable of customizing templates and automating administrative or daily tasks.

    4. Excel or Google Sheets-

This is the tool that I am most familiar with, and I love creating my sheets to fit my own needs. The best part of Excel or Google sheets is you can customize them any way you like, and as I said make them suit your needs. 

However, you can download or purchase templates to help you get started.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to being effective and organizing business you have to set into place procedures that ensure workflow is smooth. The way to do this is through the help of a project management tool.

With a wide variety of tools out there you can and will find one that works best for you, or your team.


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