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Savory Crêpe Recipe: Buckwheat and cheese

Savory Crêpe Recipe: Buckwheat and cheese

Savory Crêpes is not something you hear on the regular in the States. Especially if you're an iHop fan. Most of the crêpes you see at iHop are covered in sweet sauces, fruit and pie fillings, and of course whipped cream. While sweet crêpes have their place in society,...

How to Stock Your Pantry Like the French

How to Stock Your Pantry Like the French

The first time I stepped into a French supermarket I was incredibly surprised. The "process foods" isles such as canned food, condiments, and snacks were incredibly small. Reduced to about an aisle or perhaps 1/2 an aisle.  I learned at a very early age that most food...


There is nothing like the smell of something baking, onions frying, and cheese melting.

I learned to cook through a lot of trial and error. My biggest error was when I tried to cook rice. As any novice cook, I turned the heat up to super high, added hot water to speed things up, and then hopped into the shower. 

What resulted was a burnt pan, and what resembled a lump of coal. 

Since then I’ve learned how to cook simple and complex things. I’ve learned how to take a recipe and alter it so it becomes a part of me. 

The basic understanding of cooking is cheesy, it’s heart.

Cooking with your heart, and soul is what makes anything you create delicious. If you put your love into the recipe then you’re halfway to being a good cook. 

 So don’t be afraid to boil water, saute some onions, or make a fondue. 

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