For a girl who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty, who knew farming could make her so happy!

Jeremey Clarkson makes Farming look Easy and Fun. He lied!!

Jeremy Clarkson makes farming look so glamorous. I’ve read his books and paid close attention to his delicate way of farming and farm animal care. 

I’ve even thought of him as some sort of Lancelot as he manages the delicate politics of the country. 

However, I have come to the passionate feelings of hate towards him. 

Hate is such a strong word but in this case, it is meant with love. 

As I’ve said before I am not the kind of girl who enjoys getting mud on her expensive UGG boots that she purchased on her birthday or having grass fly around her before sticking to her very cosy sweater or hoodie she got from LL Bean. 

You see, I enjoy looking the part of a farmer. And doing farming. 

Much like Jeremy loves his new favorite farm supply shop where he loads up on not only farm supplies but Patagonia and flannels. 

But unlike me, Jermey doesn’t mind getting his Patagonia dirty. He doesn’t cringe if he gets a while or tears a snag. 

While it may be hilarious that he falls into a pile of pig mud or is chased by a randy cow, I find it cringy that he has his lovely flannel hanging halfway out of his pants and his knees are covered in what I can only guess is mud. 

I do not have a farm, not yet at least. I do enjoy looking at other people’s farms and waving at the happy cows. 

But when I see the tractors running around the small village where I live, slinging mud everywhere and the stench of cow dung hangs thickly in the air I am reassured that I can not have a farm.

Nor should I. 

This is the reason why I hate Jeremy Clarkson. 

His careful, devil may care attitude is one I equally admire and envy. 

I wish there was a pill that would make me not care about getting dirty or having my hair full of the stench of manure and fertilizer. 

I would love to have the relaxed feeling of standing on my knees while digging into the earth as I plant my favorite herbs. 

The major thing I love about Jeremy is that he shows me it is possible to live the life of a farmer, or countrygoer. (I mean poser-talking about me not him 🙂 ) 

Though I may not do it as hilariously as he, I will do it more stylishly. 

He has unknowingly raised the bar for me, to be better, to learn more to try and be more adventurous. 

And to accept that there is no reason why I would hate him even if he enjoys getting dirty. 

(I really don’t hate Jeremy Clarkson, from what I know of him I think he is quite lovely!)


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At the end of the day, Jeremey has helped me. He showed me that you can have joy in life from the most simplest of things.

While I’ll never have a Lamborghini tractor, I’ll always have dirty hands. To wrap up, I do not really hate Jeremy Clarkson, I envy him or I admire him? Either way, he has inspired me greatly! 


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