Top tips to help Prep your Garden for Spring

garden prep

By Christina

One of the coldest months of the year is January, it is also the beginning of the days getting longer. January is also the best time to prep your garden for spring. 

Getting your garden ready for the Spring now is not only going to save you the headache of doing it later but is a great way to help burn off those holiday calories. 

So, win-win.

selective focus photo of shovel on sand

Prepare your garden for spring!

Getting your garden ready for spring is easy if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease.

The days are longer, the air is a bit dryer and the sun is out a bit more encouraging things to begin growing. 

But before we head outside, I like to begin growing things indoors. 

Even though you’re not “planting” things outside just yet doesn’t mean you can’t get them ready for when spring rolls around. Trust me you don’t want to wait until April to have fresh tomatoes.

A cost-effective way to help sow seeds indoors is to recycle yogurt cups, tin cans, chipped mugs, or other household items you no longer deem worthy of everyday use. 

If you don’t have anything like that in your home, never fear there are cheap options at the garden store or department stores such as Target and Walmart. 

Where I live, there is a discount store called ACTION, here they sell cardboard cups for less than a euro. 

garden prep

One box down! 

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garden prep

all ready to go in my beanie, hoodie, leggings, and overalls. Cause it’s cold outside. PS right after this picture I did an hour and a half of prepping the garden as soon as I called it a day it started raining like cats and dogs. 

Garden Preparation in January

This is the tough bit, the sweat on your brow getting down and dirty part. Remember those holiday calories you wanna burn? This is it, this is your chance. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting that holiday weight off and your garden ready for Spring. 

Step one: Turn over the soil. 

Turning over the soil or soil cultivation is a type of digging, if you take your time to do it doesn’t make you sorry for starting the process.

Here is how I do this. 

You can use a  shovel or a hoe to help you with this process. Make sure your tools are clean and ready to use. 

To start map out the plot you are going to work on, mentally is ok or you can laminate a document and use that as your guide. Divide the pilot into two strips and lift a small trench about 30 centimeters or 1 foot wide from the end of the first trench. 

Next, place the soil off to the side, either on a tarp or on an unused piece of ground. Leave the trench empty.

Then continue lifting the same amount of soil from just behind the area you just worked on. Drop it back upside down into the 1st spot. Make sure to break it up a little. 

Continue doing this all the way down the strip, and then when the final strip is completed begin working your way through the next one.

Remember that soil we left on the tarp or off to the side? Use that to fill in the hole of the last trench. 

Above is the aftermath of my garden clean up, I’ll share the pre-cleanup so you can see the jungle I allowed this to become. 


If you need to create better drainage or create new borders you might want to think about double digging.

This involves going deeper into the soil. This is much harder than the first method but it is helpful if you want to grow deep-rooted or long-term plans such as asparagus. 


TIP: Don’t forget to remove any weeds or any undesirables from the area. This will help you later! Take it from me, I live in the land where things seem to grow knee-high overnight. 


Step two: Begin planting indoors. 

Using seeds you’ve harvested or bought in-store or online now is a good time to get those babies started.

Use small items around the house or something from the store to help you in the sow process.

I’ve decided to recycle and use old tin cans, even soda cans and yogurt pots. 

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Deciding on what to grow.

What are you going to eat? Don’t grow something you’re just going to throw away. Or allow them to die. 

You want to grow something that you’re going to enjoy and you can make a ton of dishes with. 

Perhaps you’re not sure what you wanna grow right now, not to worry I have some ideas. 

Basil, radish, broccoli, pea shoots, sunflowers, onions. All good choices. -just to name a few 


Other things you can do to get your garden ready for spring

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