I killed the Weed Eater

normandy lawn-i killed the weed eater

By Christina

My lawn is definitely taking steroids or some other drug that makes it grow like mad. I am not kidding when I say within two days the grass is knee-high! That on its own would be somewhat ok if the lawn wasn’t on an incline making it impossible for one to use a lawn mower. 

This means I have to use a weed eater. 

And the lawn can not be cut in one afternoon, it has to be done in increments. My battery only lasts for about 45 minutes and takes about an hour to recharge. 

Translation: I can get through ¼ of the lawn with the battery. 

However, the grass is thick and likes to wind itself around the base of the weed eater. I of course have no idea what the proper care or use of the weed eater is, so I use it like I use a hari straightener. 

Violently, aggressively, with no mercy, and in a fast motion cause I have to get going. 

The grass has its own agenda. It must be cut in layers. Piece by piece, and did I mention the thickness? 

So thick! 

normandy lawn-i killed the weed eater

The poor weed eater grinds and smells like burning rubber, which ultimately led to the housing of the wire flying off into the wild. 

The prissy girl within me closed her eyes and signed. I would have to stick my hand in the thick grass and search for the housing. 

I have a weed eater so what could be the problem? 

Oh, I don’t know, a mouse! Or worse. 

Just the other day I was using the shovel to scrap some of the moss off the concrete, only to discover there was a frog camouflage by the moss. While I love frogs, this one caught me off guard and I literally screamed like a little girl

So, why would I assume that there would be nothing in the thick of the grass? 

Being the brave woman that I am, the warrior goddess, I used my rubber boot-covered foot to push the grass around. I doubt there are snakes here, it’s too cold but one can not be too sure. 

Once satisfied I picked up the housing and firmly pushed it on the head of the weed eater.

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Then I pressed the on button. 

The housing flew off again. 

Determined to get the rest of the lawn finished I matched over to the Bear Killer (Husband)’s toolbox and pulled out a hammer. Gently, but with a bit of force, I smacked the housing on till I was sure it was not going to come off. 

For a brief moment, I wanted to use gorilla glue but I didn’t know how that would work when the whole thing was meant to rotate. 

The thought passed, shadowed by my crowning achievement. I was so pleased with my accomplishment that I actually visualized myself finishing up the lawn and relaxing with a nice cool glass of wine. 

Despite not having any wine in the house, I looked forward to this. 

I marched back up the slight hill, used my rubber boot to push up the wet heavy grass, and pressed the start button. 

The weed eater sprang to life, growling with excitement as it cut through the blades of long grass like a hot knife through butter. 

But then in the middle of my glorious moment, the housing flew off. 

I killed the weed eater. 

I am sure of it. Naturally, I decided I could use YouTube to help me through the repair process, but the only way one can get help from YouTube is if they actually know what the name of the piece is called. 

After a frustrating hour digging online, only to get distracted and end up on celebrity gossip websites, and watching how to write in calligraphy or draw a portrait, I decided to give up.

It was dark outside anyway, and there was no wine in the house. So instead, I made a fire and some tea and sat down to watch more Gilmore Girls. 

One day, not today, I’ll figure out how to fix the weed eater, but for now it’s windy outside and I’m tired. 

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