For a girl who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty, who knew farming could make her so happy!

8 ways farming might be the thing that makes me happy

It was a freezing day in January, and I was tending to the fire that refused to be ignored. I smelled like soot and an ashtray.

Ironically that smell makes me think of my husband. 

On the television was a documentary called The Windsor’s Private Lives. Normally I am completely engrossed in this type of entertainment but something was tickling the back of my mind. 

Plans for the spring. 

I used to never look forward to spring. Allergies, though mine come at my favorite time of the year, winter. (I’m also allergic to Christmas Trees). Spring leads to summer, and I’m not a fan of summer. 

But alas, I was making plans on the proper keeping of a garden, and when to plant my crops.

I am determined to fulfill my goal of not shopping for produce for one year! 


I find it interesting that I, a bookworm and wannabe academic, would enjoy, or at least look forward to, getting dirty under her nails.

The first time I am not thinking about what I will wear when I do said plowing and sewing. 


All signs point to Happiness. 

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person holding brown and black frog

I can only say this, I think farming just may be the thing that calms my anxiety and lifts my spirits.

Whenever I see Jeremey Clarkson (my self-appointed male Martha Stewart-though incredibly less anal) I know I can do it, I know that I can be the farmer I envision.

I just need to get past the whole getting dirty the same way that he needs to relax around cows.

Side note, I wonder how Pepper (the cow) is getting along? 

So what is it about Farming that has me all galloping through the wildflowers squealing like a loon? 

Keep reading. 

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8 Ways Farming Might be the Thing That Makes Me Happy

🪴Knowing what I’m putting into my body. 

What you get at the store is sometimes questionable. Where did it come from? Why didn’t this come from the local farm up the street?

When I lived in Portland, it was very common to have apples and veggies from the state.

In fact, that is where I learned how to cook with seasonal ingredients.

 Now more than ever, especially knowing how most industrial farming is ran, proper food growth is essential. 


🪴Getting back to nature

I have been trying to live the life of a bio woman for a while. I stopped eating processed foods, well most of them.

Now and again I gotta have McDonalds.

While I’ve been given the gift of non-threatening genes, diabetes is the one thing I need to be mindful of. Studies have shown that a fresh diet, with plenty of veggies and fruits, is a good way to keep the threat at bay. 

🪴 More time with my husband

The husband and I literally have little in common. I love history, he loves science fiction. I love reading, he loves listening to music. (often inflicts the music upon me.)

I like a plethora of music, except heavy metal, he likes heavy metal.

He likes mechanics, and I could go on and on.

But gardening is one thing he enjoys. Anything that makes him feel self-sufficient is much enjoyed. And he likes to do things with me, regardless of how he feels about it.

So, that is the main reason why I’ve decided to give it a go. 


🪴Encourages the slow life

One of the main reasons we moved to France was to slow down. We both wanted to appreciate life, not watch it fly by until we were both too old to do anything.

Mind you, both of us are hard workers, and have had our fair share of grinding away.

He was once a land surveyor, and I was once in accounting.

Now as a graduated developer, he can work anywhere and not have to deal with the crunch of commuting, or the hustle and bustle and the push of the fast American lifestyle.  


🪴 Increase my exercise activities. 

Moving to Paris I developed my “Paris legs”. I walked everywhere, and when I was in Chartres I walked more.

But living in Normandy, I have a car and my working out is the only thing keeping me moving but I feel the need to increase that, I just don’t want to add more to my workouts.

If I do its going to be more of a chore. 


🪴 Cooking

I love cooking.

Creating and recreating recipes. With fresh produce at my fingertips, and herbs that I can just run out and snip are enough cause for happiness indeed. 


🪴Since of accomplishments

Look compliments are far and few in between. You need to be your own cheerleader.

So when growing your own stuff, picking that stuff and making something out of it is a great accomplishment.

One that can satisfy you and your family. Without needing acknowledgment from others. 


🪴I can live out my Martha Stewart Fantasy. 

I like to think of myself as the sloppy, slightly organized, and put-together Martha Stewart.

One day, when I grow up I too will be able to illustrate “good things” and keep things neat and tidy.  

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