The GrandmaCore Warm Aesthetic: Cosy and Dreamy

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By Christina

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies, baking bread, or a vanilla candle? Allow me to introduce you to a new trend that is both aesthetically pleasing and charming.

The trend is called GrandmaCore.

And no it doesn’t involve pulling out your grandmother’s old clothes and walking around complaining about everything. 

It’s all about embracing the warmth and simplicity of our grandmother’s lifestyle. 

Think cozy British murder mystery.

Your Guide to this Cozy Aesthetic Lifestyle Trend

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What is Grandmacore? 


GrandmaCore is a lifestyle and aesthetic trend that embraces the charm, simplicity, and coziness of a grandmother’s house. 

Right now the trend is embracing the simpler life in these strange times, buying antiques and vintage pieces.

Creating homemade goods, and inviting spaces. Essentially our version of hygge and embracing the slower pace of life. 

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The basic aesthetic of GrandmaCore: Antiques, anything vintage, knitted blankets, and probably cats


GrandmaCore can look however you feel a grandmother-inspired home would look like. If you’re dream grandma is Miss Maple then by all means dive into that vibe.

The purpose of the aesthetic is all about creating a warm, inviting space filled with homey charm and comfort. 


The heart of this trend is antiques, but that doesn’t mean hunting down pieces from yesteryear.

You can find well-loved, second-hand items at flea markets, donation stores, and of course your own grandmother’s house that not only helps your vibe but tells a story.

a room with a rug, a chair, a desk and a bookcase


Could be a dresser that often has a drawer that gets stuck. Or could be vintage tablecloths and anything hand-embroidered.

This is what will give your cozy GrandmaCore vibes a personal character touch with a sense of history that is uniquely yours. 


Yes, this also includes doilies.

Now I know a lot of us out there either have no idea what a doily is or never want one in their home. That’s cool, I don’t have doilies in my home.

I’m not into that vibe, but you may love them. They are a perfect accent to that vintage chair, or sofa. You can place them under vases or plants. If one is truly old, as I have found Victorian-era doilies at flea markets, you can frame them. 

Doilies-if they fit your cozy vibe-can add a layer of texture and visual interest to your home. 


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assorted-color jar lot

Create your Aesthetic Sanctuary of Comfort and Vintage charm


How does one create their grandma-inspired sanctuary? It’s all about reading layers of comfort, warmth, and of course history.

You want to fill each room with memories as well as vintage charm that is inviting, relaxing, and a place you want to spend time in. 

You know a place you wanna curl up in and read one of those Agatha Christy books? 


The Kitchen

While an alarming amount of us do not cook anymore, the kitchen is still the heart of the home. This is where the smell of fresh baked bread or pastries and other baked goods are made.

Cabinets filled with mismatched and perhaps chipped dishes. A pantry filled with homemade canned jams, preserves, veggies, and spaghetti sauce. 


If your vibe is to have a minimalist, sleek-looking, or contemporary kitchen then this vibe is not going to work for you. 

Lorelei Gilmore’s kitchen is a perfect example of the kind of vibe you’re looking for when you’re trying to create your GrandmaCore vibes. 


The living room

Fill this space with pieces that you want to relax in. Lots of cozy throw blankets, vintage pieces like an old Victorian or even a 1960s sewing machine.

Beat up and well-loved books, anything wood that speaks to you. Now, just because you have an item that you love but hate the colour or style doesn’t mean you can’t DIY the thing.

Again this is your version of a grandma vibe. 


The bedroom

This is my sanctuary. I love being in my bed. Decorate this room with colours that speak to you, and evoke feelings of warmth and love.

Layer again with tones of handmade blankets, soft lighting, vintage tables, and antique jewelry boxes. OH and if you’re fortunate enough to find, those old perfume bottles with the squeeze sprayer. 

The key is to buy things that speak to you and appreciate and repurpose what you either already have or find joy with. You don’t even have to buy anything.

You could just rade your mom’s house. 


Remember with GrandmaCore you’re creating a place of warmth and love. A place that is like a warm hug and is completely you. 

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brown wooden side table

Elements for your GrandmaCore Aesthetic

Antique furniture-look for pieces with history and character. Vintage writing desks, sewing machines, food scales, and just a few ideas. 

Vintage linens: lace and embroidered linens to add charm. 

Family Heirlooms: if you gottem embrace them. Old magazines highlighting  historical events, costume jewelry, and old Victorian shoes. 

Vintage and classic books: search for those classic books, but be sure they are books you actually wanna read. A book is meant to be read! 

Homemade items: you can hand knit blankets or crochet pillowcases, or discover some at flea markets. 

Natural or artificial: if you’re like me and have a black thumb fake plants are your BFF. However, houseplants, fresh flowers, and herbs can make your home feel special. 

Artwork: Find art pieces and prints that speak to you.

In the office I’m writing this post in, I am surrounded by vintage and “new” WWII times.

I even have a handwritten receipt for a watch that had been repaired in 1939. These are items that mean a lot to me and make up my warm space. 


Alright, now it is time to get out there and hunt for those favorite pieces. Raid your mom and grandma’s house. Or flea markets and garage sales.

Focus on home items that speak to you, items with a personal or historical significance, and remember cozy and homey is always better. 

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