5 Simple Tricks and Tips for Decorating

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By Christina

When coming up with how you want to decorate your home there are a few things you might want to consider.

Sure, it’s exciting picking out colours and lamps oh, and throw pillows, but sometimes it can become overwhelming if you follow trends or fads and not trust your gut.


My mother-in-law never decorated her bedroom, mainly because she had no idea where to start. When she was convinced, she had a good starting place, she reverted back.

She knew what colour she wanted, and what kind of bed she liked but that was where it ended.


To help you not end up in the frustrated zone I’ve compiled a list of tips for your decorating journey.

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Tip #1

Stay away from trends and fads. Just like fad diets they don’t last and sometimes they don’t always work in particular spaces. Plus trying to stay trendy to impress people is really exhausting. Nor does it provide you any joy. Unless that is your jam, then why not follow the trends.

When thinking about joining the bandwagon of trends just remember Shag carpet used to be the trend.


Tip #2

As with anything breaking your tasks into chunks makes life much easier. Break down decorating into different layers. Your base could be the biggest furniture. The second layer is the smaller furniture, and the third layer is textiles and accessories.

There are no hard and fast rules, you can make changes as you feel. Swap a layer where you like it. Maybe your process works better if you have your accessories chosen first.


Tip #3

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures. Choosing a texture for your floors and a different one for your walls can make your space feel uniquely yours.

Add in layering textures such as knit blankets, or different kinds of fabric pillows, vases, lamps, shelving, etc to make your space warmer and more comfortable for you and anyone who visits.



Tip #4

Add personality to your space. Do something surprising. Add unexpected items that give your space a pop. You can do this by adding different types and styles of furniture. Try an oversized light fixture or make a wall the focal point.

In my house, I painted my living room in two different colours. My focal point is a soft warm brown that I love and almost painted the rest of the room in that colour. However, the husband wouldn’t let me.



For me, I did this by adding things that I love and collected. Such as books, milk canisters, bed warmers, clocks, and other funky things. I also mismatch my colours, but they are all warm so they work for me!



Tip #5

Make the space about you by adding personal items. You don’t have to buy everything. Incorporate things you’ve collected over the years, things you bought on trips or something that was handed down through the family.

There is no reason why your space shouldn’t shout you, it should be about you. Cause if you don’t like it, well then what’s the point.


At the end of the day, consider what you want your space to feel like and how you want it to be functional for you. Choose what you love and trust yourself.

The best parting advice I can give is to take your time, don’t allow the decorating to become frustrating. Break up the space into layers and test things out.

Allow yourself to figure out what you love, and what you don’t. Remember it is all about you. If your love is modern and clinical then do it, if you’re a clutter nut like me then clutter it up.

Let yourself have fun, and remember this is going to be great.

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