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The homepage is one of the most important features of your website. This is the page most of your visitors will navigate to either directly or through a social media post. 

And as a good website owner, I am sure you have searched the internet high and low until your fingers hurt and your eyes felt as though they were going to fall out of your head on how to create a homepage. (that coverts).

Let me give you some advice.

Stay away from Pinterest or generic website templates.


While some of them are a great starting point, especially if you have no idea how to structure a website, however many of them are made as a one size fits all.

The copywriter’s intention was for the template to be usable for anyone.

And that can be a problem.

Each business, like people, is unique in its own way.

The backstories, a business’s why, and the purpose is all different from business to business. 

The reason you should create a well-structured homepage is so that when your visitors stumble onto your site, they will stay there. 

Which is a good thing! The longer your reader stays on your site, the more likely they will read your content and possibly answer your CTA. 



Homepage copywriting DIY Kit

Ready to create a homepage that will attract and beckon visitors to your site?

If your goal is to book more clients, then the Homepage Copywriting package will help you to create a  homepage that is user-friendly, scannable, SEO ready, and keeps your visitor on your page actually READING your copy, thus turning them into a buyer.

What’s included?


  • Homepage copy workbook
  • Homepage wireframe
  • Audience persona survey
  • Website copywriting checklist
  • SEO copywriting checklist
  • Branding workbook
  • Different types of buyer personas and sweep copy template

Copy on your website is essential for your business, your homepage even more so.

With this package, you’ll have the tools to help you turn your visitors into buyers.


Ready to take action? And if you find the process overwhelming, I am here to help! Check out my Copywriting Services here.




Christina is the Friends-obsessed creative behind Christina Q Writes. As a full-time freelance writer, she helps clients in need of fantastic content. Christina Q Writes is where she shares tips and advice on freelance writing, blogging, and creative entrepreneurship to help people just like you pursue your dreams of working from home!

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