How to Simplify Your Writing Process

The writing process doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, with a plan a writing process can be the very thing to help create amazing articles, blog posts, or even novels. The first thing is to create a plan and learn how to break up the writing process into chunks so the writing doesn’t become so overwhelming. 


Before we go any further let’s break down what is a writing process.

A writing process is the general steps to help you create well-written pieces. These steps generally include: discover/research, prewriting, drafting, rewriting, editing, and publishing. 

But what if I told you that you can make a writing process work so much harder and you a lot less?

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There are different ways to conduct research, keyword discovering, and uncovering a unique insight. You’d be hard-pressed to find a topic that hasn’t been covered a million times.

For example, Romeo and Juliet has been told many different ways throughout history but each retelling has been from different angles,

You’ll see examples of this in “Twilight”, “Me Before You”, “Titanic”, “The English Patient”, and the list goes on and on. 


As you plan out your new writing project think about what it is you can write about.

Don’t worry if it has been covered by someone else. Learn what it is that you can bring to the table by thinking about, how can you make the topic more interesting and fresh. 

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Once you have that in place it is time to start hashing out some research. This can be quite tedious but again with a plan in place you can accomplish this without breaking a sweat.

Research as with your writing process can be broken up into chunks. First, you need your topic, and since we’ve already hashed that out, the next step is to come up with keywords. 

In academic writing, you would look in the index or resource pages of books to find different keywords that pertain to the topic you have in mind.

When it comes to an article or something you want to post online the research for keywords is a simple search on Google. 

From there you can do many things, continue your research which is a good idea, or break the process up. Which is the best idea, let’s take a look. 

Let’s say your topic is Adult cartoons and the effect they have on children. 

A keyword here could be something like cartoons, messages cartoons have, or the effects of adult content on children, etc.

From there, you have a starting point, and it is a perfect spot to create an outline. 


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Get your dose of tips, advice and lessons learned at my expense. Grab a cup of coffee, get cosy and let’s do this! 

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Simplify Your Writing Process with an Outline.

Outlines are such a good resource to help keep your writing (all kinds of writing) organized and on track. 

From here you can list out the topics you want to cover.


For example. 

Topic sentence(opening sentence):

  1. Adult cartoons
  2. Types of content found in Adult cartoons
  3. How children gain access
  4. Messages cartoons have 
  5. Affects the messages have on Children
  6. How to talk to your child about adult cartoons

conclusion:(summary of your topic sentence or opening paragraph)


With your outline for your research hashed out, you can start taking notes, jotting down resources, and getting the writing you need done faster and making it more effective. 

The best part is, you’ve done half the work already! While you mainly used this outline for research you can continue using the outline for your actual writing. 


The outline is easy to maintain and easy to alter if you need to add or subtract something.

Which is such a time saver! 


Never miss a post!

Get your dose of tips, advice and lessons learned at my expense. Grab a cup of coffee, get cosy and let’s do this! 

A writing process doesn’t have to be complicated if you create a plan. Having your plan in place makes writing for your blog, someone else’s blog, or whatever you want to create work for.

The possibilities for your writing to become elevated are boundless. Another bonus to using the chunk writing process can help to curb writer’s the, making this the perfect reason to give it a try. 



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