Copywriting Techniques Every Business Needs


Copywriting Techniques Every Business Needs

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As with any writing, copywriting has techniques that are tried and true and proven to get your content read.

The problem is the struggle to harness those techniques in a way that will appeal to your audience.]


But I’m getting ahead of myself.


First thing first, let’s start out with what the heck copywriting is.


Copywriting is the magic sauce used to get readers to act.


At first thought, you may think that copywriters only write slogans or advertising. The truth is there is so much more to copywriting than just slogans.  


For example, copywriters get to know the business and their brand. A huge copywriting technique that is, above all else, the most essential to writing is research.


A good copywriter will need to research a brand inside and out.


Only then can a copywriter create emails, blog posts, social media content, homepages, landing pages, and much more using the brand’s voice/personality.

copywriting tips and techniques every business needs

The Best Copywriting Techniques-every business needs


  1. Create Titles that pique curiosity

Create headlines and titles that make people want to read more. This is the bread and butter of your copywriting.


With short attention spans and a plethora of distractions on the web, if your headlines are not interesting, then your content is going to get lost in the noise.

According to, “On average, 8 out 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”


The best advice for creating headlines is to keep it simple, easy to read, and digestible.

The reader should read the headline and instantly know what the article will be about.

They will know if the content is helpful, informational, educational, or interesting.

Here are some helpful tips from Masterclass to help you create an effective headline

  1. Be clear
  2. Be concise
  3. Practice
  4. Avoid puns or clichés
  5. Try a template


  1. Connect with your reader

Copywriters create a connection with their audience. This is the tried-and-true practice to ensure that your content is read.


When you make a connection, you’re demonstrating that you care about your reader. You’ve paid attention to their needs, wants, challenges, and problems.


When you’ve connected with your reader, you’re also individualizing the experience, which is something most readers want.


Simple ways to do this are to pose a question, make them curious about the topic, and get personal.





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    1. Tell stories

    Telling stories is the best way to get personal. When you share your related experiences with a reader, you are making a connection on a much deeper level.


    In a study done by of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story.


    Storytelling is a content marketing strategy that gets people to remember your story, which is likely to help them remember the experience and want to share your content.


    Not only will your reader feel as though they are not alone, but your authority will increase because readers relate to stories, and often in your story, they will see themselves reflected in their own struggles.


    Think about your favorite song; perhaps it is a love song. The artist sings about their heartache, describing what you might feel but could never articulate. That is the same as creating a powerful story.


    1. Use psychology

    You’ve heard of using urgency to make a sale or harness the reader’s fear. This is essentially using psychology.


    However, one must be responsible with this copywriting technique.


    You see, people make purchases based on a feeling or emotions.


    This ties into telling stories, sparking curiosity, and of course, showing them what they could lose if they choose not to buy.


    writing techniques and tricks for copywriting
    1. Use the upside-down pyramid method-trust me.

    This method is used in journalism, but many copywriters also incorporate this method when creating content.


    See, the pyramid is about giving the most important information first, so they don’t have to look for it.


    Followed by the least important information.


    The reason why this works so efficiently is that it arouses curiosity.


    As I said before, it gets straight to the point, pointing out the key benefits that are of interest. This method can also be used in the first step of inbound marketing.


    Another reason why this method works is because of the F-pattern. This is how people read content in the shape of an F.


    Basically, this is a fancy term to say we skim.

    When you pop the most important facts in the beginning paragraph, the reader will likely stick around.


    You didn’t make them work to find the BEST info.



    copywriting techniques for businesses

    Copywriting Techniques Guidebook PDF

    Now that you’ve learned a few copywriting techniques download our free guidebook and clear all your fears about creating good copy.





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