Copy & Content Writing Tips to Help your Business Function Online

So you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or perhaps a solopreneur just starting out, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Either way, you’re probably trying your best to reach more of your dream clients.


Then you will definitely need some content writing and copywriting in your life.


Ok, you can have a beautiful brand and a flashy website, but to keep visitors returning to your business, you will need something more substantial.

Think Meat and Potatoes.

You see, you need ongoing messaging that shares who you are, why you’re different, and how you can improve their lives by using your services or products.


Your online business needs copywriting and content elements to function online. Keep reading to learn more about what the elements are and how they should be operating in your business. 


Brand Messaging

What is this?

Brand messaging is the foundational element of your brand. It is the strategic document that explains your customer journey, brand story, positioning, and language of your brand. 

If you’re a fiction writer like myself, think of this like your main character’s back story.

The brand messaging helps you to know how you do and don’t speak line and what’s on or off-brand.

Having a brand message helps you to clarify everything about your messaging in your marketing and throughout your business.

When you’re done here take a look at this article from Amazon.


You need this!


To guide your website copywriting, determine your content pillars and cultivate your unique language around the business you’ve dreamed of over and over.




Website copywriting


What is this?

The words on your website allure, seduce, and tempt your readers. Of course, it is so much more than that. Copywriting is how people will find you online; ever heard of SEO?

The first impression your visitors will have of your business is your copywriting.

Will it be the persuasion that explains why YOU and only you are the answer to all their problems?

Copywriting is not just words on a page there is a strategy behind it and a journey that comes together on each page of your website, bringing authenticity to your brand and your copy.


Oh, you need this!

Especially when your business is online, you need to have a website that will work for you. If you only rely on social media, you could be losing out. Remember the day when social media went dark? I swear people lost their minds!

Your website is something that you own, and when you invest well in your website, it will end up paying for itself. That means no cold pitching, SMs, or trying to sell on Facebook.

After all, is that something you really want to do? Or is it even sustainable?

Let’s get you primed and ready; read my tips for writing a homepage!

Sales and landing pages


What is it?

Regardless of what you’re selling on your page, a course, a digital product, or a physical product you need a sales page that can do the heavy lifting of convincing your ideal client to buy.

You probably already know from reading sales pages that they can be quite long.

However, research shows that if you write a sales page right, this approach will work. Landing pages, on the other hand, are what you need to drive opt-ins to your lead magnets or resources.

You can also use them to sell low-ticket offers or have tripwires-aka discounted offers after signing up for a newsletter.

You should not use the exact strategies on your homepage, about, or service pages because sales and landing pages are different.

Blog posts

What is it?

Blog posts are the BEST way to get people to your site using SEO best practices.

While you may have keywords you use on other website pages, you can only fit so many. If you try to fit too many, Google will think you’re keyword stuffing.

Blog posts are a great way to target more specific keywords and captivate a new audience.

Furthermore, you can send these to your audience in your newsletters to keep people in the know and engaged.

Why you need it:

Blog posts help to increase traffic and attract new audience members, especially when you use SEO best practices.

Are you ready to elevate your copywriting and gain confidence in your business?

Complete the application for your free consultation with me. I’ll reach out in 24-48 hours, ready to help you with your project.

I’ll help you create a strategy for your brand that captures, nurtures, and engages your audience through copy and content on your business website.


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