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Here’s the tea: Copywriting shouldn’t be about YOU but about your consumer


If you’re looking for a copywriter to create conversion copy that sounds like you and proclaims you are going to be the star of the content…this is part of your content goal but shouldn’t be the focus. (you’ve come to the wrong place)

your consumer always comes first.

I will vow to write using your brand voice, and personality and embrace you as the business owner, I’ll focus on your target audience and keep them as the priority of your message.

christina q writes

it’s time to give your website copy the boost it needs

 When you have compelling copy on your website, you’ll draw in 7.8 times more site traffic and have higher engagement rates. 

But if your copy is stale or lacks that je ne sais pas quoi, you’re missing out.

DIY copywriting lacks the research and scientific approach process of a copywriter. Going at it alone can result in: 

    • A workload that is so overwhelming you feel like throwing in the towel
    • You spend more time on your website copy and less on your day-to-day business operations
    • You’re not signing on more clients because your message is generic or is the same regurgitated information found online (AKA the same message as everyone else.)
    •  You are not focused on your clients needs, and you give them what you THINK they need…which makes your message dust in the wind

I write for you, your brand and your audience

Personalized Copywriting Services

You can leave to copy creation to me.

Introducing the better-than-sliced bread package.

Lite Copy-Calling all Bloggers

So you’re a blogger, a small business, or a solopreneur looking to get a few articles written for your blog or add content to your site. I’m here to help you through the research pile, tell your story, and clear up your message. Or add informative and fun articles-whatever you need.

Having worked on psychology methods and copywriting techniques for a few years, I am equipped to help you figure out what content you need.

Review your brand strategy or help you build one

content audit

write and publish


SEO Content Writing

As you know, I’m a writer, and I love blogs.

Blogs are where you can show your authentic self, demonstrate your value and connect with your audience.

And the best part? It is practically free marketing, and with the best SEO practices, you reach your target audience without lifting too many fingers.

However, blogs are needy, and you have to be consistent with your content-otherwise Google and your audience will go elsewhere for valuable information.

Blogs articles are specific to what you do, your goals as a business, and the services/products you provide. We will need to review your overall plan for your blog, which is wonderful because writing is fun!


Website Copywriting

Your website is the welcome mat of your business, where you demonstrate your personality, values, and mission.

The copy on your website should be clear enough and easy to navigate while piquing interest and encouraging audiences to keep reading and taking action.

Having said that, you need much more than just “exciting” trigger words, empathy for pain points, and an understanding of challenges.

You need research and meaningful strategy that aligns with your brand and goals.   You want to tell your story to your audience and make genuine connections with them. You do not want to add pretty words just to fill negative space.

Lucky for you, I’m a self-proclaimed SEO & copywriting groupie, I mean nerd.

So are you ready to transform your website copy?


Sales Page Copywriting

All sales pages, where customers flock to get the goods from your business.

Your sales page should create a magnetic pull to your products/services. Your audience has a need, but they may not know what they are looking for to solve that need, but with your sales page, they will discover YOU have what they have been searching for. (Hello, is it me you’re looking for… sorry, listening to Lionel Richie)

Regardless of what you’re selling, I’ll get into the psychology of your audience and provide your website visitors with the information they need to persuade them to hit that “buy now” button.


Email Marketing

For most, I mean many, online businesses, and bloggers email marketing makes up the majority of their incomes. It is the best way to get in front of your audience, who selected to be a part of your mailing list, and what more from you, and is a great way to connect to your audience.

And by the way, emails are fun to create.

However, not all emails are created equally. Many are boring, and the subject lines don’t spark curiosity. So let’s give your emails the boost they need.

I couldn’t ask for better support for my small business. Christina was easy to work with, paid attention to detail, and created a beautiful website for my business. I have already seen the fruits of her labor and am so impressed with her skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a website or copywriting services.


Alexandra Sfekas Demer

Our step-by-step process of working together. 

Step 1

Have a look around, and get to know me. Discover what packages will best fit you, your goals, and your brand.

Step 2

Complete our contact form with AS MUCH DETAIL as possible. I want to get to know you, and learn all about your business because then I’ll be able to give you the copy you’ve been searching for! I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Step 3

I’ll set up a little get-together with you to discuss your projects, goals, and your brand. I wanna get to know all the ins and outs before we sign contracts, talk invoicing.

Step 4

During our strategy meeting, which you get to choose, we’ll go through the details of your project with a fine tooth comb. Why? I wanna give you the best copy you and your brand deserve.

Step 5

Now you can take a sigh of relief, behind the scenes I’ll be doing the heavy lifting while you finally get to take that weekend get away you’ve been dreaming about.

Ready to bring in more targeted visitors to your website?

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a living breathing thing on the internet that needs to be monitored and tended to often. Meaning it takes a LOT of work. (and some money)

As a fellow DIY’er and small business owner, I know you look for tips and free guides when you can. So allow me to help you with this free SEO checklist to help you get started.

Use this checklist to help you build your website or blog and get infront of your target audience.

Download your freebie

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