How to Create Exceptional Content

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Your business needs content, the problem is you don’t know how to create exceptional content that connects to your audience.


Creating content is not an easy task, and there are several components involved when crafting a blog post or article.


So how do you go about creating drool-worthy content? Hire an AI? 

Um no! 


Let’s take a deep look into how you can create exceptional content for your audience. 

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What is Exceptional Content?


The purpose of any content is to draw attention to your brand and to get people talking about your products and services.


Not only do you have to provide value with your content, but it should also engage the audience by starting a conversation or connecting with them in some way.


So what exactly is exceptional content?


Exceptional content is defined as blog posts, videos or podcasts, and even social media posts that have a particular goal.

That goal is one of the following:


  • -educate 

  • -entertain

  • -inform 

  • -persuade

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The whole purpose of exceptional content is to attract new readers, eventually converting them to email subscribers and later customers.


In order to create the content that your audience is craving, you must understand the why.


Why are you creating this, and for who?


Understanding who your audience is will give you direction and focus.


Not only will you understand where to reach your audience, but you’ll create cravable content. 

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Understand your Audience

Research who you want to target and who is interested in what you are presenting/selling or offering.


Remember, your goal is to help your audience, with their pain or problems, with a solution only you can offer.



Speak directly to your audience when you’re writing, as though you’re friends.



This helps you reach your goals while building your audience.

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Understand the demographics and psychographics of your ideal audience.


Psychographics is the study of customers’ goals, values, desires, interests, and lifestyle choices.



Understanding this is a great way to get inside the mind of your dream audience, thus helping you create the content they are looking for.



Demographics will give you an understanding of the audience’s education, age, employment, and other information.



Use this information to create your audience persona.



The audience persona is a fictional representation of your dream customer.



I enjoy this step; it is like creating a character. (Yes, this is a nerdy writer reference).


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My favorite part is creating a back story for the persona. This helps to give yourself insight into their feelings.



Such as-where will they read your content? Facebook? Twitter? Insta?



Go where your audience is.


 Getting in front of your audience, say through social media, gives you a direct insight into their lives.


You can maximize your opportunity to connect with them by understanding what they are going through.



In today’s world, customers and audiences want a personalized experience. When you understand them, your content is made just for them.




Tip: to keep them returning, regularly update your content.

Create Content Pillars!


Content pillars are the foundation of your blog. Think of it as the central idea (topic) that your blog is about. 



For example, let’s say you are into saving money and helping those around you with your tips.



Your pillar content might include:

  • -money management
  • -Stories about inspiring people—
  • -News and updates around the world regarding investment.


Understand the 3 Key content tips!


Content that is based on key terms for your business.


Evergreen content is something you can refer back to and update for years to come.


Content that never gets old, nor does the advice wither out. This type of content continues to draw in readers well after publication. 




Content that is meant to start a conversation.


This is something you want in order to get your audience talking about you!


Engagement content is also a great way for YOU to connect with your audience; after all, the audience wants to be emotionally invested in the brands they like.




This is content around a particular event or occurrence, such as a big piece of news or an industry event.


People get really excited about this type of content. 


Let’s say you are working on a launch. To prepare for your launch, you can and should create content around your product, the launch, and what it entails.


Doing this will provide you with at least a few weeks of content. 


Especially how it can help solve your audiences’ problems. (and close the content gap)



You can also create free downloads that get your readers on your email list, so you can send newsletters reminding them of your awesome launch!

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Now that you’re ready to create the blog post let’s talk about the steps.


Brainstorm new ideas and terms

Just jot down everything you can think of, sort of like a brain dump. You will want to keep your audience in mind as you create this “brain dump.”


It is a good idea to involve your audience as well as other team members you work with to get ideas.



Keyword research

Use the terms that you came up with and do a google keyword search in Google’s keyword planner. See what comes up, and then decide which keywords you should target.



Review and refine your list

After you discover which keywords will work best for your business, website, or content, decide which ones you should utilize that will bring in the most traffic.


What looks good? What makes the most sense to your goals, and what do you want to be known for?



Use a spreadsheet to prioritize your terms.

One of the biggest issues with content creators is a lack of organization. Check out my post on how you can easily stay organized.


Build a spreadsheet with the data you collected, such as keywords, estimated search volume, difficulty, and the opportunity for each word.



Remember to keep an eye out for keywords that will make the most impact on your business.



Outline Content targeting your audiences’ needs

Take the top terms and outline content that will serve not only your goals but the goals of your audience.


Tip: Think about what keywords you want your business to be known for; wellness, freelancing, etc. 

Include your audiences’ needs and goals as you target your keywords. This is how you create high-ranking SEO-friendly content.


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Final Thoughts


Now that you are armed with what it takes to create cravable content get started!


2. Understand how you can make them feel good about resolving or fixing their issues. Good American is incredibly successful at making you feel good about your purchase.

Their brilliant “Fits Everybody” Jeans make you feel as though your $100 plus dollars were worth it because regardless of what is going on in your life, your jeans will always fit.

3. Put the “AMAZING” feature front and center. The feature that they all NEED to know. Call attention to it, highlight it.

Like Good American, again, they are letting you know stress, water weight, or whatever will not affect how your jeans fit.

    Final Thoughts


    Creating a good marketing campaign for your content, product, service, or something else can be easy if you have a plan. 

    Focus on the important benefits that you offer. They cannot be overemphasized, especially in today’s complex market. You’ll gain advantages over the competition as you build relationships and authority. 

    Know the benefits and features of what you’re offering inside and out; trust me, it is critical for anyone with an online business. 

    Remember that benefits are the emotions and experiences each customer enjoys from using a product or service. 

    Each purchase is emotionally driven, which is exactly why benefits have to be stated first. The benefits draw customers in by speaking to their needs. 

    As you write your copy, always ask yourself, “What will the customer get out of this?” 






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