How to Create a Fun Target Audience Survey

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How to create a FUN target audience survey!

If you love to create things, and as a creative creator, I think you do, then building a survey is something you are going to love.


Let’s talk about elements to think about in your survey:


Use a user-friendly interface

-Google forms are super easy to build and easy to use. Not only that, but it is FREE.

-Add your brand colors or logo to add a personal touch to your survey.


Talk directly to your audience

-Be friendly, talk as though you were speaking to an old friend


Ease your audience into the survey

-Be silly; remember you’re trying to get to know them.

-On the top of my head, id ask something such as, “Do your eyes lite up with childlike excitement when you go to the pub on trivia night?


Add a Progress Bar

-Depending on how long your questions are, say more than 10, you may want to consider letting people know when they have reached the halfway mark.

-Right away, inform your audience how many questions you are asking them


Provide a Thank You

-Perhaps you could thank your audience with a free download or a discount.

-If you’re an influencer and you have the budget, you could give them a Starbucks or  Ulta gift card.

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Let’s make your survey FUN!


Nobody likes to do boring things! Besides, there is no rule that surveys HAVE TO BE DULL!  So add some spice to the mix.

Think about a basic question and reframe it in an exciting way.

For example, “How old are you?”
Instead, try:

✏️ What music artist was popular when you were born?

  • 1950s Elvis-Love me Tender!
  • 1960s The Rolling Stones-I can’t get No Satisfaction!
  • 1970s The Doors-Break on Through!
  • 1980s-Cyndi Lauper-Time after Time!
  • 1990s Nirvana-Smells like Teen Spirit
  • 2000s Linkin Park- Bleedin out!
  • 2010 Drake-Thank Me later.


Here is another example:

✏️ What would you say is your level of expertise?

  • Shiny and new with big ideas and goals. I’m ready to make a difference!
  • Confident with solid years of experience! I practically run this place! Soon I’ll own it!
  • In the words of Ariana Grande-“Write my own checks” I not only run and own this place, but I have empress status.

Use your target audience to help you decide what questions to include.


What are your goals? This can vary depending on what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to determine what you want to feature? Course, Product, or service the audience might want?


Are you trying to get a deeper insight into the mind of your audience so you can create website copy that converts?


Decide what you would like to make based on your survey results before deciding to launch or create!


After you have decided what your goals are, decide what information you need from your audience.



  • -external problem
  • -internal problem
  • -interests
  • -Philosophical problem
  • -level of expertise
  • -Social media they like to use/get information from
  • -goals

Not sure if you wanna build a survey?  ↠Check out my post on What are White papers? 

target audience

 Let’s get people to take the survey!

Just like getting a kid to eat veggies, you need to come up with a way to motivate your audience to take your survey.  You could offer discounts, free downloads, gift cards, or a giveaway.


Whatever the incentive, be sure that it matches the amount of time they had to put in to take the survey.


Think about the type of answers you are trying to get from your audience and how you want them to provide that information. Through a couple of sentences or multiple choices, or a mix of the two? 


As with creating your product, you will have to take into consideration your competition.

How much competition is out there for your audiences’ time?

What types of valuable incentives are they offering? Use that information to give you an insight on what you can offer for their attention that compensates them accordingly.


↠ Check out my post on Long Content Vs. Short Content to determine which will work best for your survey. 



Put your survey in front of the people.

Of course, you can place your survey notice on social media, but there are other ways to promote your fun survey.


  • -Include in your email welcome sequence and newsletter
  • -Announce on your website-create an ad or a banner.
  • -Blog post
  • -link to the bottom of your email signature



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