Case Study

Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy
SEO work

How I helped Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy increase its numbers through website copy and website structure.

Company & Challenge

Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy is a physical therapy based in Florida that provides men, women and children with weakened pelvic muscles and personalized physical therapy plans.

They’ve done some work on their website themselves in the past: wrote the copy, optimized for SEO, and started running a booking application for appointments. And while they did get clients, they were not booking more than one or two a week.



Step #1. Analyze the current state of entire website

At first, Allie reached out with an SEO Question to boost her oraganic traffice. I analzyed her homepage, about, testimonials, contact and service pages and then presented my findings in a written report.



  • pages didn’t have a clear coherent structure for the copy and was cluttered with information
  • pages were not user friendly
  • the copy itself was complicated with medical jargon
  • there were no targeted keywords

If was clear that the small tweaks here and there wouldn’t be enough, and that the entire website needed to be restructured and copy rewritten. As well as adding the addition of a blog page.



Step#2 Zero in on Branding, target audience, and competition

Allie and I had already talked about the offer and the target audience of Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy before I anaylized the website. This pre-meeting helped me to understand what kind of information was missing from the website.

I also uncovered the exact keywords and simple phrases to add to the copy needed for the client to want to book with Allie and also to not feel overwhelmed with content. Learning as much as I could about Allie and her vision for her company made the process incredibly easy.

I created a questionnaire for Allie to conduct customer interviews. The feedback helped us to understand:

  • What her prospect are looking for from a therapist who specializes in pelvic floor muscles
  • What’s important to the clients when they decide to reach out and schedule
  • What the current clients value about Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy
  • What words and phrases the clients use to describe their problems and solutions



Step #3 Create valuable, specific copy that resonates

Using the information from the website review and customer data, I created new copy and full mockups for the website. Here is how I approached them:



  • Made it clear from the start who Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy are and what it is that they offer
  • Immediately after that, make it clear why the client’s should choose Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy
  • Provide clear overview of the services Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy has to offer and their expertise
  • Use effective testimonials that demonstrate the company is reliable and trustworthy
Service Page

  • grouped and organized services into categories on one page making it easier for prospects to navigate
  • made the benefits of the each service clear
  • used bullet points, headings, subheadings to keep information easy to scan and digest.

About page

  • Added Allie’s story to demonstrate her passion for her work and make connections to clients
  • informed clients about the values of the physical therapy service without overwhelming them
  • Introduced Allie with a short paragraph on the home page that led to the about page

Contact Page

  • restructured the page to make it easier to navigate
  • added scheduling to the page making it one less step for clients



At the end of the project, Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy got:


  • Clear and valuable website copy that resonates with their prospects
  • Mockups for the homepage, about page, contact and service page
  • Final review of the new pages after implementation to determine possible design issues that may impact user experience or credibility.


A few weeks after the new pages went live, Allie was getting appointments that not only filled up her week but caused her to have to hire another physical therapist.  Her reach was performing better, conversions went up and more leads were coming in from organic searches.

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