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Welcome! The Christina Q. Writes blog is where can expect practical advice, learn the ways of a homebody and much more 

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Culture Shock: Lessons Learned in France

Culture Shock: Lessons Learned in France

I remember packing my things, purging items I no longer needed, and shouting at the movers who due to the pandemic refused to bring my stuff to the docks, thinking that this was going to be the hardest thing I would endure as my family moved from the USA to France.  I...

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I am no longer as snobby-as I once was

I am no longer as snobby-as I once was

I find it ironic that I, a self-proclaimed historian, am living the life of a servant gathering water for a bath. Now I will admit that when I moved to France I had assumed that water heaters were installed in homes. My first two apartments both had waterless tanks...

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I killed the Weed Eater

I killed the Weed Eater

My lawn is definitely taking steroids or some other drug that makes it grow like mad. I am not kidding when I say within two days the grass is knee-high! That on its own would be somewhat ok if the lawn wasn’t on an incline making it impossible for one to use a lawn...

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Hi, I’m Christina

I’m the coffee-addicted creative behind Christina Q. Writes. As a full-time freelance writer and lover of history, I share insights into my crazy wonderful life.  Christina Q. Writes is where I share tips and advice making your own path, and doing it your way. Don’t be afraid to laugh at my mistakes!

christina q writes, don't call me an expat


I’m Christina! Orginally from Oregon, I’ve left the states for a more quieter, gentler life in France. 

I’ved lived in a lot of places around the States, but the moment I landed in Euripe I knew I was home. France was always a fantasy, a far off land full of stories and rich history. Growing up I would hear stories of gardening, horseback riding, pesonal appearance and the art of enjoying food. 

Born to a French mother, living in the States was always like I was wearing my clothes on backwards. My up bringing was very European. 

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, until one day my mother was curious about this strange holiday and made the dinner. That was the only time. 

Now, in France I’m learning how to apply all the things I learned as a little girl. Growing my own green beans, plucking my own onions out of the ground and much more! 

Ready to learn  all about the gentle French lifestyyle from girl with an obsession for literature?

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