4 Writing Tactics You’re Missing Out On

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4 Writing Tactics you’re missing out on

I know that doesn’t sound right; you know the writing tactics. You’ve studied them, forgotten them, and relearned them after graduating.


But wait, hear me out.

I’m telling you there are “secret” ones that hardly anyone uses, and I know you’ll be able to easily incorporate these tactics in any writing.


So let’s get to it.


1. Always carry a journal

There are stories everywhere; you know you won’t remember them all, so keep a journal ready.


Write down inspiration as it hits.


You never know when that visit to the DMV might turn into a viral story.


According to Master Storytelling: How to Turn your Experiences into Stories That Teach, Lead, and Inspire: Keeping a journal will help you to pay attention to what you’re observing.


In the end, you’ll be a better teacher for your course and inspire more.


Listen to others around you!

Don’t think of it as eavesdropping; use other people’s experience to understand different angles to points you want to understand.


This gives you more empathy and understanding of others’ challenges.

2. Use simple psychology to motivate

Most of the advice you discover will say you need to inject a sense of urgency or press on the fear nerve.


While that is true, it isn’t always the best option or the only option.


Simply using the FOMO (fear of missing out) message is just as effective.

Or use the tried and true method of piquing their curiosity!

“Discover the secret that others have called life-changing.”


3. Create and Use a Swipe File for inspiration

This is the best-known secret that is hardly used.

As a copywriter or writer in general, having an inspiration file is incredibly useful, especially when you’re stuck in writer’s block mode.


Simply keep a file on your computer or even in your journal; however, you like, of adverts, quotes, or anything you need that inspires you.


Then use this file to give you a direction not to copy verbatim.

swipe file

4. Write 20 Headlines and then sit on them

Headlines are 90% of what draws your audience to your content.


With that being said, take your time with headlines. Create a sense of FOMO with your headline or pique their curiosity.


The goal of your headline is to help the reader quickly understand they are in the right place and they’ve discovered what they’ve been looking for.


With all that being said, take your time on your headlines. Write as many as you can and ask yourself the following questions:


1. Does this demonstrate: “what’s in it for me?”

2. Does this pique curiosity?

3. Does this headline reflect the compelling idea behind my content?


Now that you know the 4 Writing Tactics you’re missing out on, be sure to get more by downloading our free Website Copywriting Checklist.




Christina is the Friends-obsessed creative behind Christina Q Writes. As a copywriting service, Christina Q. Writes focuses on creating content and strategies for purposes-driven businesses. I typically work with bloggers, small businesses, and solopreneurs who are ready to target their audience and elevate their website copy strategically. 


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christina q writes

I’m Christina, the founder of Christina Q Writes, a writing service that focuses on creating content and strategies for purpose-driven businesses. I typically work with individuals (bloggers) and companies ready to target their audience or elevate their website copy strategically.

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