About Christina Q. Writes

My story


Welcome to my cozy space.*

I’m Christina, a lover of all things literary, historical, and cozy. Settled in the picturesque grassy countryside of Normandy France, I embarked on a new chapter in the middle of the pandemic, because if COVID-19 taught us anything it’s that life is short and we should go after our dreams. 

I wasn’t always a freelance writer/copywriter….

Just a short few years ago you would have found me wearing slacks, a pussy bow blows, and and overcoat, exhausted and blurry-eyed in my suffocating windowless cubicle. I thought I had to be there, that’s what people did, they worked! But that turned into a painful and slow march to unhappiness. 

In the year 2020, it’s okay you you don’t have to look away I promise this isn’t scary, I invested in myself and followed my dream to live in France. Little did I know that dream would be my way out of the rat race. That single investment led me to the business I’m running today (and soon novelest!).  Today you will find me snuggled up in my cozy Normandy home with my two sons, husband, and really spoiled cat or parading up and down the Normandy coast looking for historical artifacts and stories. 

Life in France

I should have believed my 3rd-grade teacher when she told me that I shouldn’t do anything else but write. I have countless journals, poems, novels, and other book things lying around annoying the husband. Which is why he bought me a kindle.  



I’m probably sipping coffee or watching Gilmore Girls again from my cosy green couch, or I’m probably chipping away at the novel in my office. 


Want to know what I really love? I love helping others harness the power of storytelling. Showing the overworked small business owner that getting through the workload is possible. 

Showcasing small businesses’ authenticity in a world where it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. And showing our personal audiences who we really all, warts and all! Shining a spotlight on disastrous moments, and winning achievements so we can create a life that is genuine and bold. 

Things didn’t happen overnight

How my journey started


Moved to France

Decided to throw my dreams in one basket and head to the fatherland, France. Yes, during the pandemic!


Started a website

Discovered the dream couldn’t be denied any longer. Plus it was getting stuffy in those cubicles. Copywriting became my side hustle.


Got Educated some more

Took my first online course, to discover more tips and techniques to fine-tune my skills.

Started pitching and reaching out to small businesses.

Started networking (AHHHH)


The Dream Realized Normandy

Moved to Normandy

Started Farming, and began writing about the failures of farming.

Almost finished with my novel

Rebranded myself and started from scratch (Find out why in the blog)


The best is yet to come

2024: My best work yet!

Excuse me while I write something….

My Favorite



What does a small business owner/mom/desperately trying to relearn French come to love? Here’s where you discover just that! This is everything I have tested and loved, from my wellness to my tech and platforms that help me run my website with ease. If you want a life that is less complicated, less cluttered, and way more efficient, all without moving clear across the world, then you’re going to love what I’m sharing. 

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In the Media!


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