The Christina Q. Writes Story

Writer, vivacious reader, wannabe singer, journal lover with a weakness for finding books a home

hello you!

Ok, I know we just met, but I’m your new bestie.


Like you, I wanted to turn the business world on its head. I wanted to say goodbye to getting up at 4:30 and getting off work at 5 pm wheel. I know you want to do the work you’ve dreamed about that lights up your soul! So, you leaped.

This is why people look at you like you’re nuts. In this economy? I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you that creating a business from the ground up is “hard” and “a lot of work”; that’s true. But you’ve got books and the internet, and you’re much more intelligent than people think.

Through all the nay-sayers and the endless pits of online courses, and audiobooks, you make smart decisions about organizing your day and creating a business so, at the end of the day, you’re doing what you love, the whole reason you started your business in the first place.



in creating your empire, you didn’t realize you’d have to become a freelance writer, copywriter, or SEO content expert, and you probably didn’t think you’d stay up late into the night drinking copious amounts of coffee while searching Google for “What is SEO friendly content,” or “How to write a blog post?”


There is no need to be overwhelmed with content by doing it all yourself. Christina Q. Writes helps you to reclaim the precious time you’ve lost because of your never-ending to-do list. All content I create is true to your brand and your audiences.


My Story


A creative writer, a lover of cheese, and the movie “French Kiss”….

I’m a bit dramatic, but then again, I’ve always been super creative.

Even when I was building my own business from scratch, I was coming up with ideas that were out of the box.

Fast forward to moving halfway around the world to my mother’s homeland, France, I found myself in the middle of a place where I felt I belonged. I was surrounded by inspirational art, music, and of course, fashion, but I found myself missing something.

I realized I wasn’t in a place I should have been, and I needed to grab my destiny with both hands and rebrand myself: the creative writer, the dreamer, and the reader.


Once I realized my purpose, I needed to create my why. Why create this brand or business? Why get out of the rat race and do something that scares me right down to my soul?

And so began the foundation of my brand.

From the get-go, lessons were learned. From failed attempts at getting my vision and purpose beyond, I want to write. I had to return to the drawing board several times to ensure I was sending clear messages about my brand, purpose, and passion.

Once aligned, I could target my audience and map out my message. That’s when things took off, and I finally found my place.

And thus, Christina Q. Writes emerged.

Things I love.....

I’m a creative solopreneur who makes your words reach out and target your audience. As a writer, I push your messaging with your brand in mind so you can connect with your audience and separate yourself from the competition.

what you can expect

freelance business


From what you’ve answered in your questionnaire, I’ll take your goals and establish a clear path to build your brand the way you’ve always dreamed.

christina q writes


I’ll take the lead, while still getting your feedback ensuring that your vision comes to life.

christina q writes article writer


I’ll never let go (unless you want me to). You’ll have everything you need to be successful.

What are your needs?

How to Develop Your Brand

Writing Package 1

Blog posts, articles, or other content needs

Whether you need content for your blog or an article, or perhaps something else, I can provide you with SEO content writing that is tailored to your needs

christina q writes

Website Copywriting

Working on a brand new website or struggling with your current website?

Need someone to help you with your webpage structures and copy?

I specialize in creating content that keeps audiences on your page and booking or buying your services and products.

christina q writes

Personalised Writing Packages

Personalized packages tailored to your needs.  

This is the best content writing service meant to elevate your blog articles and website copy. I’ll work with you to create the perfect package that suits your needs.

* Some packages require a 1-2 month or 12+ month commitment

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In the Media!


Ever wonder what causes you should align your brand with? To understand this question, ask my opinion along with other small business owners.


Need ideas to enhance productivity? Along with other business owners, I was asked to share my opinion with Stealth Agents. 

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