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When I started this site, it was inspired by my love of writing. With dreams bigger than I can handle, I feel our dreams are created through our daily choices. The simple life can be experienced wherever we are, as long as we never give up on dreaming. 

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Bringing that vision to life through stories, inspired design, amazing food, and good books is still my happy place.


I feel incredibly lucky to empower you to live the simple life you dream about. My goal is to create a vibrant and engaging community and to show through my journey that you can create your version of a simpler life.

I’m also a mom and entrepreneur on an endless quest to find a moment for myself. That pursuit of living a more present and intentional life is the goal of everything I do, and I love bringing you along on that journey—never perfect, sometimes a little silly but always real.

My family lives in Normandy, France. It’s me, the husband, two kids, and a very, very spoiled cat. (you might have seen her on social media!)


But let’s back up a bit, to when we decided to follow our dreams.


It was the beginning of the pandemic, and we were at a crossroads. We could stay in Oregon, a place we loved and still love, or we can finally do what we have been planning for, for the last 15 years.

Husband is happy with his job, something he has been wanting for a long time. And I well, I was hitting a wall. My entire life I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to tell stories and create something meaningful. But I was too nervous to actually do it.

Moving to France would free up some time. I thought. I knew the culture well enough from my mother and knew that I could manage being a working mom, wife, and part-time writer better than I could in the States.

Punch-drunk with excitement, I decided to grab the husband by the hand and move to France.

I mean if not now, then when?

Everything you need to refresh this spring

But it wasn’t long before I wondered what have we done!


The first job I got here when I arrived appeared to be the dream job, but the longer I stayed there the more I realized it wasn’t a dream but a nightmare.

I wasn’t doing well mentally, and physically I lost 15lbs, which for me is a lot.

I needed a change, one that reflected my laid-back way of approaching life, that didn’t include being bullied or mistreated.

So, I returned to my blog where I could share my stories, my journey, and my hard lesson-learned advice. What happened was something short of amazing.

I found something I loved and enjoyed creating. I found peace in creating this space and building a community to share it with.

Today, as I get used to having dirt under my nails, and strange worms freaking me out, it is sometimes hard to believe that I actually am living in France and I’m writing!

Aside from living my fantasy of writing, I am passionate about inspiring YOU to live the life you’ve dreamed about. To remind you that you can take a leap of faith, create something magical, and reach your goals. You can do it, it’s there waiting all you have to do is grab it.


Normandy, gardening, and farming.

For the last two years, I have been working on my garden and creating the farm of our dreams. I’ve created a plan in my mind that I am working out now. My husband is amazed as am I at how hard I’ve been working. For someone who hates being dirty, I’ve gotten pretty dirty. (the neighbors now laugh when I scream at the sight of a new strange worm).

The best lessons I’ve learned so far have been experiencing the peace that washes over you when you are fully present, and that this life isn’t for everyone. Attach quick-growing grass and mini homesteading, I mean. I’m still learning what I have in me, and what it takes to keep plowing ahead. But I’ve slowly discovered the spark for life, and joy-the ideas I’ve been exploring here on the site.

I’m so glad that you found my cozy little site. you’re invited to show your authentic quirky self. So, grab a cup of coffee, get inspired, create your best life, and of course share everything.  I want you to leave feeling empowered to make your dreams come true.

Cheers to a more present and simple way of life! 

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I’m probably sipping coffee or watching Gilmore Girls again from my cosy green couch, or I’m probably chipping away at the novel in my office.



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What does a small business owner/mom/desperately trying to relearn French come to love? Here’s where you discover just that! This is everything I have tested and loved, from my wellness to my tech and platforms that help me run my website with ease. If you want a life that is less complicated, less cluttered, and way more efficient, all without moving clear across the world, then you’re going to love what I’m sharing. 

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