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Get noticed, get more conversions, and watch those sales

When it’s time for strategic copywriting, get the website copywriter who does it all.*

That would be me, the nerd who loves writing data-driven copy that converts and adds a splash of your story into your message.

I get it; you have no idea what you want or need to say. Sometimes you have way too much to say, and you don’t know the first thing about simplifying your message. That shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from crafting compelling copy or SEO content for your website.

 As long as your sales message isn’t reaching your clients or persuading them to take action, you are losing work.

 Because no matter what business you’re in, no one cares unless you make them.


That’s where I come in, your personal writing fairy, laptop in hand, explosions going on behind her, hair blowing wildly in the wind. You know, all dramatic-like.


Your small business is just the type I love working with. Now, Let’s talk.

Just how did we get here?


I left a perfectly horrible 9-5 job and started my business because I had a need to create:

Strategic copywriting for small businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs looking to carve their place in the world.


Before I could catch my breath, I’d become a copywriter and supporter to those starting out in their business journeys or who were already established.


I have written for publications like The Homeworker Online, and The French Life. For a girl who wrote little skits for her third-grade class and lived for books like Jane Austen and Discovery of Witches, any accolades or articles I’ve written are enough to make me hyperventilate and feel closer to my dreams of being an author.

Over the years, I’ve worked with independent bloggers, and small businesses tackling their website copy, articles, and simple blog posts.

I love working with amazing small business owners just like you, ready to clarify their brand messaging, story and get the attention they deserve.

Because with me, I’m the maestro conducting your story and pumping your sales.

I’m not like the other Copywriters or content writers out there.


I don’t keep things to myself or keep you in the dark. Instead, I am a team player, and I aim to have open communication with you and whoever else needs to be in the loop.

After all, it’s your business and your brand-so you should have a say in what goes and what stays.

I don’t believe in having content just to fill up space.

Content must be meaningful and demonstrate the value only you can provide. So, consider me your best friend as I get to know you and your brand intimately.

 I believe it is possible to do what you love and not be burdened with things you don’t have time for, like creating copy that converts, administrative tasks, or blog posts that are pumped with SEO-friendly content.

How I am Different

Stick around long enough, and you’ll be into Friends just as much as I am.

I operate as a small business copywriter, which is a dressed-up way of saying that I am here to write words, develop persuasive client work, and provide top-notch customer service.

In a nutshell, I am completely into discovering how to help small businesses like you get the copy, content, or administrative needs you deserve. 

I live in Normandy, France, with my husband, two boys, and 1 spoiled cat. In my spare time (as rare as that may be), I enjoy reading-which I would gladly set aside to work on your project.


I’m getting out my cool Sharpies and pencils, and I’m ready to start telling your story.


Client Love

I couldn’t ask for better support for my small business. Christina was easy to work with, paid attention to detail, and created a beautiful website for my business. I have already seen the fruits of her labor and am so impressed with her skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a website or copywriting services.

Alexandra Sfekas Demers

Christina, thanks so much for these tips on organizing our writing. I use a daily planner for everything, including what I need to do with my writing and marketing. I’d be lost without it.

Karen Cioffi

Meet Me

AKA your new BFF

christina q writes


Virtual Assistant, Copywriter, Author

As a small business owner, content creator, and fictional writer, Christina Queen is the copywriter who works for you, the small business.

She is the founder and owner of Christina Q. Writes, a small business copywriting service for small businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs. She is laser-focused on helping you create campaigns, sales copy, and much more.

Christina has been contributing to small bloggers as a guest blogger and working on projects for small business owners.

Currently, she lives in the countryside of Normandy, France, and convinces her husband that baguettes are just a way of life.

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When you’re ready to get the copy that converts for your small business,

Reach the goals you’ve spent so hard coming up with, and create the legacy and empire you’ve always imaged….like getting on a boat…

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