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When I started this site, it was inspired by my love of writing. With dreams bigger than I can handle, I feel our dreams are created through our daily choices. A truly simple life can be experienced wherever we are, as long as we never give up on dreaming.

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A Look Back on My Year of Gardening

A Look Back on My Year of Gardening

Hello Friends. I’m here today to talk about my gardening. The one I’ve been tackling now for over a year. It has been a wild ride, one that brought many tears. Some thorns literally in my side, blood and so much more than sweat. Is there such a thing?  When I began...

In Search of a Spring Adventure

In Search of a Spring Adventure

Spring has sprung.  And many of us are in need of a spring adventure. Or a road trip, mini-vacation, stay-cation, or something to help us shake off Winter. It’s time for other things, such as refreshing your mind, body, and soul.  Here are some wonderful choices for...

Easy Farmhouse Decor tips with English Cottage Style

Easy Farmhouse Decor tips with English Cottage Style

Ever dream of creating a cozy haven with rustic charm and simple elegance? That is what you'll get when you incorporate farmhouse decor with English cottage style.  This enchanting combination exudes warmth, character, and a touch of  Grandmacore, creating a welcoming...


I’m Christina! Originally from Oregon, I’ve left the States for a more quieter and simpler life in France.

I’ve lived in a lot of places around the States, but the moment I landed in Europe I knew I was home. France was always a fantasy, a far-off land full of stories and rich history. Growing up I would hear stories of a simple life full of gardening, horseback riding, and the art of enjoying food.

Born to a French mother, living in the States was always like I was wearing my clothes backward. My upbringing was very European.

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving until one day my mother was curious about this strange holiday and made the dinner. That was the only time.

Now, in France, I’m learning how to apply all the things I learned as a little girl. Growing my own green beans, plucking my own onions out of the ground, and much more! To the simple life!

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What does a small business owner/mom/desperately trying to relearn French come to love? Here’s where you discover just that! This is everything I have tested and loved, from my wellness to my tech and platforms that help me run my website with ease. If you want a life that is less complicated, less cluttered, and way more efficient, all without moving clear across the world, then you’re going to love what I’m sharing. 




How Perimenopause Influences Your Interest in Sex

How Perimenopause Influences Your Interest in Sex

As women, we go through several life changes, for example, menstruating, perimenopause, and menopause. All of these changes and occurrences tend to mess with our emotions, mental wellness, and much more. So we try to do things to help ourselves through good and tough...